Saturday, February 18, 2017

Baby H: Ten Months of Patrick


[+] weighs 20# 6oz according to our scale at home. He's a chunky guy for sure!

[+] is wearing a combo of 9mo and 12mo clothes which basically just means were trying to get one more wear out of his smaller sized items before moving to the bigger ones. I did a whole load of laundry of 12mo pieces of Mark's that can be pulled off for the winter (since it was July when Mark was 10mo) and it's so fun to see him in some of the same pieces big brother wore.

[+] is officially real crawling this month and is so much faster at it than his silly belly-scoot he was previously doing. He also figured out the stairs which means the baby gate is out at all times again. He loves pushing his walker toy and will literally do it for 30+ minutes once he gets started, walking till he gets stuck and then crying until you set him straight again. He also "knee walks" behind just about anything, a dump truck, a random box, a light up toy, etc. He moves with such purpose now, so curious about everything. I totally forgot how fun this stage is when their personalities start to come out.

[+] is out of his infant car seat and into the big boy ones! We got the same seats we have for Mark, different ones for each of our cars and he is so cute riding like a big boy now. We thought for a minute that he hated the one in J's car but I think it was just an off day.

[+] got his top right tooth on January 22nd and its pair on the left popped through on February 8th. It seems like it's been FOREVER since they've been making their way so its nice to have them through in hopes he starts being less fussy. His pedi thought all four on the top were making their way at his latest appointment so maybe it'll be soon that he has the lateral ones too.

[+] is getting four bottles during the day, 6oz in the morning and before bed and 5oz during the day. He's mostly drinking Enamel Reguline at the recommendation of the pediatrician to help with his constipation and then he's getting one bottle of breastmilk from the freezer. Just like with Mark, I worked to get him one bottle of breastmilk for as long as possible and we officially have enough until his first birthday which is amazing.

[+] has been battling a snot nose for what seems like forever and I think it's a combo of teething and actual colds. He's been refusing bottles lately too which is exactly when Mark started to also and again, not sure which is the cause. He's also had the saddest cough for the last few days and I'm hoping it starts getting better quickly otherwise we'll be headed to the pedi.

[+] takes two naps, at approximately 10am and 1:30pm. His morning one is usually 40-45min but very occasionally stretches to 90min. His afternoon nap correlates with Mark's nap which is awesome for some down time and typically he sleeps at least 90min if not 2hrs for this one. Except for lately thanks to teeth and a lovely cold, his naps have been crummy so we're waiting for that to get better for sure. He goes to bed at night between 7 & 7:30pm and has been frequently waking in the early mornings. We usually don't go in with him unless he's really upset and sometimes he'll put himself back to sleep. His "wake-up" time is anytime after 7am so we wait till then to get him up.

[+] has finally started "playing" with us within the last week. He raises both hands when we ask him "how big is Pat?". He ducks his head down on his arms and plays peek-a-boo. He mimics roaring and certain other sounds when we say them to him. He uses his fingers to babble with his lips and he's just started clapping.

[+] nicknames: Pat Pat, chunky monkey, littlest

[+] likes: breakfast meat, "walking", playing with Mark, babbling

[+] dislikes: drinking bottles, food that's too cold, diaper changes, being told "no"

[+] have again started thinking about 1st birthday preparation which is crazy. My baby will be ONE in two short months. We're basically doing the same celebration as we did for big brother, a BBQ at home with our favorite people and a delicious smash cake for our boy. I've also purchased the crafts to make his birthday banner and will be ordering his special birthday hat sometime soon just to make sure we have it in time. His invites for the party have already gone out because our April was seriously filling up and I love how they turned out.

[+] am done pumping and making milk which is a big relief honestly. I was thankfully able to keep it up pretty well while I was out of town and once I was back it got harder which is what I predicted. I did however, get enough milk into the freezer for him to have one breastmilk bottle until his first birthday. Which is a huge feat I think especially given how much shorter the process was with Mark.

[+] have officially submitted my residency match list with all my potential programs and it's exciting and daunting at the same time. It's official that I have no more control over the process and just have to wait until match day in March to find out where I'll be doing the rest of my training. Fingers crossed for top programs for me and our family!

[+] only have 6 weeks left of actual rotation which is great, on a related note to the last point. I know what 3 weeks of it is and it starts in 1 week. I don't know what I'm doing for the rest of the time yet and the timing of it might depend on what's happening with selling/buying houses and moving for residency but either way, graduation is just over the horizon it seems. I've been working on some graduation checklist type things (ordering announcements, picking a hooder, etc etc) as well as potentially party planning and I'm just excited!

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