Sunday, November 20, 2016

Baby H: Seven Months of Patrick


[+] weighs 18#13oz according to our scale at home. He's so chubby and snuggly!

[+] keeps having issues with constipation relate to his solid foods we think and I'm not quite sure what to do about it. He gets all sort of backed up, grunting and crying when he tries to poo, sometimes getting a little ball of solid stuff out that I can tell is uncomfortable for him. We end up basically switching him to eating entirely prunes for a few days and he let's it all loose but then we end up in the same position again a week or so later. I'm not sure if there's something we're giving him too much of (sweet potatoes? squash? applesauce?) or if we just need to incorporate more of the good-pooping foods on a regular basis but I just feel so bad for him.

[+] Because of the constipation issues we've still only given him fruits and veggies but I'd love to start introducing the other goodies too... eggs, peanut butter, yogurts, etc. He also has no interest in feeding himself off his highchair. So far we've tried zucchini rounds, puffs and the mesh-feeder with pear inside and he just plays and throws it. Maybe we need to try something more enticing?

[+] goes to bed around 7/7:30pm and gets a feed from me around 10/10:30pm before I head to bed. He usually sleeps until around 5am (sometimes earlier/later) where he'll nurse again and is pretty good about making it till the morning then. Every once in a while he fusses earlier than we want to "start our day" and we try to just let him be in his crib but sometimes one of us ends up going into his room with him. He's by far not as good of a sleeper as Mark was at this stage but thankfully it's nothing horrible.

[+] is still nursing from me when I'm home and then getting bottles when I'm gone obviously. We've started giving him one bottle of formula throughout the day to help him get used to it and to extend the breast milk I pump for longer. So far he's doing great with it so we're sticking to this plan.

[+] absolutely loves sitting and either watching everything around him or playing with toys in front of him. He's not too fond of laying but we're trying to push it more and more in hopes we get some mobility soon. He isn't really motivated to crawl for anything in particular so his biggest "attempts" come when he's just really mad. He hasn't coordinated his arms and his legs yet, pulling up his knees while pushing the side of his head across the floor and then separately using his arms to lift his noggin with his legs straight out. I almost wonder if he'll end up a butt-scooter instead of crawling?

[+] nicknames: Pat Pat, Chunky Monkey, Fat Pat, snuggle-bug

[+] likes: dill pickles (just like big brother at this age!), the walker toy, observing everyone

[+] dislikes: pooping, sleeping/laying on his back, learning to crawl

[+] absolutely love being this boys momma. I'm not sure if it's the "second time confidence" or that Patrick's such a different baby but I've always felt more connected to him. Mark was a tough cookie for a long time and has never been a cuddly kid and for whatever reason, I never had the momma-son bond with him I had hoped for. Yes I love him to pieces and cherish our moments together but it's just so different with Pat and I absolutely love it. I love being the one he calms with, love having him snuggle with me, love the bond him and I have always had.

[+] am ready to not be so exhausted all the time. Most nights I get around 7hrs which isn't horrible but goodness gracious I'm still so stinking tired all the time. I typically fall asleep in the evening around 9pm just laying on the couch watching TV and many nights my alarm to feed him at 10:30pm goes off, I silence it and literally have no memory of doing so. I don't know what's wrong with me sometimes.

[+] am officially back to my pre-Patrick weight which on one hand is awesome but on the other hand my body just feels so different still that it seems like I have a long way to go still. I know a huge part of that is that I've had no "toning" routine really since being pregnant with Mark (yes I know how bad that is!). I can bet that some body weight exercises with some ab work would make a big difference for me but really, (see last point above!) that's the last thing on my mind.

And how about a little comparison shall we.
I present the Holland Boys. Both 7 months old wearing the same onesie.
One things for certain, Pat needs some hair!

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