Monday, March 21, 2016

Baby H: Week 34 (times two)

Every week that goes by seems to be a shock to me. I think being busier this time around has made parts of this pregnancy really fly by and I can't believe we're already at 34 weeks. And the even crazier part is that realistically we only have 5ish more weeks left since I'm anticipating an early babe. 5 weeks seems insane!

At my doctor's appointment this week we chatted, again, about all the contractions I have been getting. Thankfully they do decrease when I make sure to be very hydrated but they never quite go away completely no matter how much I drink. We talked briefly about how labor "started" for me with Mark and were advised (like we didn't already know!) that should any "real" labor signs start, to call immediately. I did ask for them to check my cervical length, not because anything could be done about it at this point but just so I knew where I stood, which meant an unexpected ultrasound a peak in at our little boy. The tech did some quick growth measurements and little man is looking great weighing approximately 5lbs already, 42nd %tile with his head low, low, low! My cervical length is thankfully perfectly normal which eases my mind a ton. All these contractions and nothing's really happening down there yet. I'll be singing a different song in a few weeks I suppose but for now he's nice and tucked up tight in there which I'm thankful for.

Symptom wise this week has been about the same. It totally depends on the day how miserable my pelvis feels as some days I can barely go from sitting to standing without TONS of pain and pressure through my pelvis and some days I'm up and down on the floor chasing Mark without question. On the tougher days it is really hard for me to accept being "slower" and taking it easy. For example, one afternoon we all ran to Target to pick up a few things and I was winded, with my belly as hard as a rock, feeling like I was literally chasing my boys and yet I was walking as slow as a grandma. It's definitely frustrating that something as easy as a Target trip can be so hard for me now. Otherwise this week, my appetite has still been hit or miss with most of my intake usually being in the first part of the day with tiny meals for dinner. The plus is I haven't changed weight recently which is always nice at this stage. I'm still swelling free, for sure have stretch marks above my belly button and get exhausted by the end of the day. Thankfully my sleep has been a little bit better, usually involving one bathroom trip and lots of waking to toss and turn and fight with my body pillow but I think that's all to be expected at this stage of the game. I haven't had any of my hours of insomnia in a little while which is a huge relief (or just a sign of being that much more tired than before).

I'm starting to get a little anxious with all there is left to do before this boys arrival. Its definitely tough trying to balance weekend activities we have going on, fitting in study time for my inevitable tests and handling baby related items all while being super pregnant and having a toddler to chase around. Granted there aren't that many "essentials" that HAVE to be taken care of before he arrives (ex he won't be using the bouncer for quite a while so it doesn't matter if it's washed) but the uncertainty of how life with two-under-two is going to look has me wanting to take care of EVERYTHING sooner rather than later. At the top of our list of things to do that has to be done however is deciding on this little man's middle name! I'm also waiting for a response from our photographer about setting up round #2 of maternity pictures and also hoping to get my prenatal massage scheduled sometime in early April as well.

Time sure is flying by baby boy and this momma can't wait to meet you! Looking back at pictures of your big brother in the hospital the night he was born and those first few days has me so excited to hold you in my arms and love on you the best way I know how. I can't wait to see who you look like, what your little personality is, how you fit into our family. So so soon my sweet boy!

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