Saturday, March 12, 2016

Baby H: Week 33 (times two)

Hello baby brother bump and hello big brother photobomb! Ha!

Symptom wise this week has been pretty much the same as the last few. Unfortunately my rings are officially on my necklace instead of my fingers but this was the same week it happened last time too. I had a feeling they were starting to get snug but kept avoiding actually trying to take them off in fear of them being stuck. Well it turns out I should have tried last week because I definitely got the sweaty, claustrophobic, uh oh! panic when they wouldn't come off. Thanks to some cold water and butter (literally) they are off. Also this week I finally started taking my PPI for heartburn and goodness, it took all of three days to make a difference! Hallelujah! The first two days I wasn't sure if it was helping because my symptoms vary depending on what I eat but after three days and no Tums plus being able to drink a diet Coke without burping/feeling the carbonation in my throat instantly/getting heartburn afterwards I was convinced. And it feels so good!

At my appointment I mentioned all my BH contractions, their increasing frequency, the fact that sometimes they're painful, etc etc and while my doc wasn't extremely concerned at this point she did tell me to really listen to my body. She pushes to making it to 34 weeks (I don't know why it isn't longer than that, really) and told me to sit as much as possible, rest when I need to and up my water intake even more than I already have to see if that helps. She told me we can always check my cervical length which I declined at this point but will probably request at my next appointment just for sanity sakes. In all honesty it was a hard pill to swallow that I have to rest more, that there are things I should no longer do, that I'm not capable of the go-go-go I'm used to. I've always been such a go-getter always trying to do something at every moment but I'm trying to give myself grace, knowing that the end is in sight and allowing myself to nap when I need to or rest on the couch without feeling guilty.

In better news this past weekend was my absolutely lovely Baby Sprinkle for little brother. It will get a post of its own but it was such a nice afternoon spent with some fabulous ladies celebrating the littlest boy in our family. It also meant I was in full-nesting-mode after sorting through our gifts and got a handful of other things done for baby's arrival. We picked up all the butt paste/gripe water/mattress pad last minute necessities we needed. J pulled out the bin of Mark's old clothes and I picked through it figuring out what items will work for this little man in the opposite season. I finally finished the binding on his quilt and hemmed his curtains which means I have two sets of photos/blog posts to write for each of those. It feels really good to get a handful of items checked off because in reality time seems to only be speeding up.

49 days or less, little boy!

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