Monday, March 7, 2016

Baby H: Week 32 (times two)

We're 80% of the way done, baby boy! I can't believe it! I remember this time in my last pregnancy, being into third trimester, that much closer to the big day, found almost in awe of how quickly the last  7 months have flown and the feelings this time around are no different. It's truly amazing what our bodies are capable of and the changes that seem to quickly appear when forming a new life.

This week sleep really has been hit or miss and unfortunately it seems like every night it's something different keeping me up. Whether its raging heart burn, an aching pelvis, having to get up to use the restroom multiple times or the lovely pregnancy insomnia, I've been counting my blessings if I'm up for less than an hour at random times throughout the night. Weekend days I try to be good about getting a nap when Mark does but week days definitely don't allow for that. Oh and it seems like every time I'm awake in the night, so is this boy in my belly as if to say "I'll keep you company momma!" He's still a huge mover and shaker all. day. long! to the point of wondering if other people/patients in the clinic can see my belly bouncing and changing shape with this boy's stretches and jabs. We've thankfully stayed away from all the rib pain Mark put me through but in exchange I get the lightning bolt cervix punches instead.

I am patting myself on the back this week about my increased water intake although I'm not actually feeling any different from it. I don't know how it keeps slipping through these updates but for the last month or so I've been craving all things "grainy"... yogurt with TONS of granola mixed in, Nature Vally Oats & Honey bars, etc etc. Something about the crunch (without the overwhelming salt like chips) is just hitting the spot. I've also been enjoying green smoothies in the mornings even if it means I have to share my "moooo" with my toddler! My appetite is still down in general with most of my hunger occurring earlier in the day and come dinnertime being almost nonexistent.

Unfortunately I've still been having my fair share of Braxton Hicks contractions and they're actually something I'm going to emphasize at my appointment next week. My doctor told me to call/come in if I have more than six in an hour which hasn't happened at this point but I'm still quite concerned some days. For example, in the evenings sometimes going from sitting on the couch to standing will make me have one but resting makes them stop. My question is, does it count if I were to go from sitting to standing six times in an hour and essentially cause the contractions to happen, does that count? Not to mention that they seem to be getting stronger and more painful when they do happen. I'm almost wondering if hooking me up for an NST after my appointment would be warranted at this point just to check things out.

On a related note, the concept of possibly having something to worry about with early labor did get J and I thinking about what all we need to get done before this boy arrives, specifically getting a bag together to take to the hospital. I decided to make two lists, one of things to-do and one of things we need to buy, and hang them on the baby's closet doors so I can add to them when I think of things. So far we have things like buying diapers and breastmilk storage bags and washing clothes/jumper seats and contacting insurance for a new pump. It's crazy to think we have less than 60 days till this little boy arrives and we become a family of four! 

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  1. So exciting! I am 32 wks too and I feel your pain on those cervix punches! Good luck on those Braxton Hicks!



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