Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Baby H: 17 & 18 Months of Mark

One and a half years with our first born! I can't believe it! Time sure is flying these days between Mark growing and changing and learning new things on a daily basis as the weeks count down to adding our new boy to the mix. It just doesn't seem possible that he's been here, in our family, for so long already. This is probably my favorite age so far!

[+] is a short chunky guy with a big noggin according to the growth charts from the doctors office. From his 15 month appointment which ended up being 6 weeks late, oops, he was 30 inches (16th%) for height and 25#2oz (61st%) for weight. We still have no idea why he's such a shortie especially because he's got what seems to be long legs and big feet so it'll be interesting to see how this all shakes out as he grows.

[+] wears size 18 month clothes, 2T pajamas (not sure why they seem to run so small) and size 6 or 7 shoes depending on the brand/style. He is still rocking size 4 diapers and I have no idea when to even try size 5s for him. It seems like there's a huge weight overlap between these two sizes (more so than between other sizes) so for now we're sticking with 4s as he's not leaking/exploding minus the few times at night where his diaper is just filled to the brim.

[+] still has 12 teeth and I have no idea what's happening with his next set. Some days we're convinced they're making a move because he's cranky as all get out, chewing non-stop on anything (including his fingers which drives me bonkers!) and even sometimes running a low-grade temp but those teeth have yet to show themselves so who knows.
[+] knows the "sounds" of so many different things now. On the list (which weren't here before) is cat/kitty, duck, moose, fish, tiger/bear/lion (they all say the same thing). He also says waaaaa for "what a baby says" and shhhh (with his finger to his lips) for "what a mommy says" as well as honk and/or beep for cars/trucks.

[+] knows so many of his body parts which makes this future-doctor momma so happy. He knows, from head-to-toe... hair, head, ears, eyes, cheek, mouth, tongue. Arm, hand, fingers. Tummy, heart (which is by far one of my favorites!), butt, diaper, weenie. Leg, knee, feet and toes. He will point to all of his own body parts as well as momma/daddy/stuffed animals' and will also name them if you say "what's this" and touch his ___. In related news, he also knows what owies/hurts are thanks to a few scrapes/smashed fingers and will point to them if you ask him.

[+] got his second haircut on March 19th because it was getting a bit out of control. We randomly decided to stop by the shop on our way home from breakfast one Sunday and goodness does it make a huge difference in him looking like a baby vs a kid. He cried big fat tears at the beginning because she started with the clippers for the back which I think he was scared of but once she pulled out the scissors instead he was perfectly content. Maybe he'll just be old-fashioned and have to have scissors and single blade razors like a gentleman?
[+] loves when we sing to him but is very particular about what song it is. J often asks "do you want me to sing, Mark?" and he'll shout yeah! which is just adorable. But then if its a song he doesn't like/know he says, "no, no" while you're singing until you stop and switch to something else. His favorites, by far, are The Wheels on the Bus, Happy Birthday and Old McDonald.

[+] is starting to understand things related to his new baby brother. He realizes baby brother is in my tummy, will lift my shirt to "see" him, pushes my belly button in and tries to put his paci or juice cup in my belly button to share with him. He will hug and kiss my belly if I ask him to. He realizes baby brother has a crib in his room too, is obsessed with climbing in it to jump and play with his duck and says his version of "brother"/his first name when we mention baby brother. I don't think he has ANY clue what a baby "actually" is and that he'll come out some day but the bits and pieces he does understand are so cute.

[+] is ALL BOY and there's no doubt about it. He face-plants into the snow and laughs but screams bloody murder when we come inside and take off his coat. He points out every single trash can no matter where we are and is obsessed with the garbage truck on pick-up day. He throws balls like a champ, loves dinosaurs and runs everywhere. He gets the goofiest grin on his face when he farts and/or burps and has a mean side to him sometimes with pinching/hitting. He already has stinky boy feet and laughs when someone smells them.

xoxo, Momma

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