Monday, February 22, 2016

Baby H: Week 30 (times two)

30 weeks down means 75% of the way towards meeting this little boy of ours! Plus it likely means we are in single digit weeks until his arrival making the coming of spring that much more exciting. 

This little man has always been quite the mover and shaker, much more than big brother, and it's becoming evident that's not letting up anytime soon. I swear he moves all day, every day. Since my placenta is posterior this time around I am definitely more aware of what body part is where and I'm often laying my hand on my belly feeling him push his back/butt out on one side and moving his legs across the other side. He does grace me with cervix jabs frequently and I'm starting to get occasional rib kicks too as my belly just runs out of room. I forgot how miserable my ribs felt last time! Just like big brother he gets the hiccups often already and it's so different feeling them in my pelvis instead of in my belly (if that even makes sense). 

Sleep has been really hit or miss this week which is definitely a drag. Usually I can fall asleep fairly easily but staying asleep amidst the rolling from side to side, hip/pelvis pain, heartburn and frequent bathroom trips is tough. Not to mention me waking up often signals this boy to start a dance party and falling back asleep doesn't always happen easily. Speaking of pelvic pain it is seriously getting bad and I'm not sure what to do about it at this point. My SI joint on the right and my PS and entire left hip get shooting pains throughout the day mostly when I change levels from sitting to standing or standing to sitting. There was one time getting out of bed that I literally couldn't take any steps for a minute or two because of how bad it hurt. I'm hoping to get in for some OMT soon and might end up scheduling my prenatal massage for sooner rather than later at this rate. The one thing that's been my saving grace when it comes to aches and pains is my Blanqi support tank and I notice such a difference on the days I wear it. This boy is so, so low and this tank really gives me the support I need to carry him around with me every day. 

Over the weekend Mark's new big boy chair finally arrived which means we can finish both rooms upstairs. We started with Mark's room, hanging all the decor/wall pieces and buying new shelves for his books and will hopefully be able to finalize baby brother's room this coming weekend too. We had a bit of a mishap hanging his massive wall map, I need to change around his collage wall just a bit and his curtains need hemming and then I'll be able to do a new nursery post. Not to mention I'm slacking at his quilt post as well but it's not like I don't have anything else going on ;-)

Keep growing in there little one but really, I'd love to be able to kiss your sweet lips in two-ish months, okay?! 

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