Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Baby H: Week 20 (times two)

It's been a really tough week and I've been a crabby, exhausted, sick mess. I mentioned last week that I was starting night shifts Monday night and happily (sarcasm noted) woke up with a sore throat, sinus headache and body aches Monday morning. Perfect! Add in the fact that it's hard to switch your sleep schedule no matter how good your intentions are and I was a hot, hot mess after a 12 hour shift Tuesday morning. My cold really only got worse from then on and after about 5 days I started feeling better but spending all those days snotty and tired and not sleeping well during the day were miserable. Thankfully I only have two more nights I have to work until this rotation is over and I can sleep like a normal person again because boy does this momma need it!

In better news this babe is turning into a mover and a shaker just like big brother was. I've just started to feel the movements from the outside and we've got plenty of rolls with stronger, quicker movements thrown in too. I haven't really noticed much of a pattern to when this little one is most active as it seems to just catch me by surprise but I'm noticing it more and more throughout the day (and night) and I love each one! I can't wait for J to be able to feel this baby and wonder if Mark will ever understand what's happening in my belly before the baby comes. Speaking of Mark, I have started asking him "who's in mommas belly" and always tell him it's the baby. We've also started telling him he's not a baby anymore and that he's a big boy which I realize he has no concept about yet but I figure it can't hurt!

We have the big 20-week ultrasound set for this coming Friday and I'll be 20w5d. I can't wait to get a good long peak at this babe and make sure s/he is growing right on track. We'll be finding out gender with our families just like last time and I hope all my OBGYN experience doesn't ruin the surprise during the scan. Thanks to a good friend we decided to go with filled cupcakes to reveal the pink or blue and are thinking about setting Mark in his highchair with one to smash to pieces.

Little one, we are just as close to meeting you on the outside as we are to the day you became ours and secretly momma hopes we meet sooner than 20 weeks from now. ;-) Every single day your tiny self crosses my mind more times than I can count and I can't wait till the day I get to hold you in my arms. I hope you're growing perfect and strong and healthy in there and know how much I love you even though we haven't officially met yet. Xoxo, your momma 

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