Thursday, October 29, 2015

Baby H: Week 13 (times two)

Just like last time it's so nice having the news out of the bag with everyone so I don't have to worry about who knows and who doesn't. Quite frankly, besides our immediate families, I don't see that many people on a regular basis that it would be hard to keep this belly under-wraps but the freedom of not having to worry about my belly, mentioning this new baby, not ordering a drink at dinner, etc is so nice. 

As far as this pregnancy goes I'm in a much better place than I was a few weeks ago in terms of nausea but am not quite over the hump yet. I do find myself dry heaving if I don't get something (preferably carb loaded) to eat shortly after I get up and certain smells throw my stomach upside-down occasionally. It's not a certain scent in particular but more of something really unexpected. As far as energy goes it's hard to say if it's coming back at this point. I have been sleeping horribly at night, not getting a full nights sleep in I don't even know how long, which definitely makes me extra tired by the end of the day/week. I'm also in the midst of third year rotations that has it's own level of exhaustion associated with it. 

Specific cravings are still staying away for the most part but I still find myself thinking about a certain item for days until I get my hands on it. I've been somewhat turned off from the idea of lots of meat, specifically just a piece of meat like a steak or grilled chicken with something on the side so I'm looking for protein in other ways. I'm happy to report that I am up only one pound since my last doctors appointment a month ago and only up around three pounds total. With how quickly this belly took off I was nervous it'd be much more than that. 

Speaking of the doctors, we had my 12 week appointment the other day and it was a combination of good, frustrating and stressful. I had told my doc we wanted to do the first trimester genetic screening with this babe but somehow it was lost in translation when I set the appointment. I was supposed to have an ultrasound and blood work done but neither was scheduled. Not to be high-maintenance but it's hard for me to make appointments with my crazy schedule, let alone ones that will take a longer amount of time so when I asked the receptionist to confirm I was peeved it wasn't right. And to make matters worse, there wasn't an ultrasound tech in the office that day, we had an overly tired, skipped-his-nap Mark who was about to lose it and I had an exam to get to shortly after. Thankfully they called another office who was willing to see me over the lunch hour but things didn't get better yet. I went in for my scan and don't know if the tech was annoyed to work over lunch or was rushing because of my test but he was super quick and literally didn't say anything about baby, no input about measurements, no mention if he was seeing what he wanted to, didn't even tell me the heart rate. And was gone by the time I got myself cleaned up and dressed so I couldn't even ask. So here I am freaking out about our baby and whether something was wrong as I'm headed to take a two hour exam. Needless to say my brain was elsewhere for the 100 questions. I was able to call the nurse line and get all the info by the end of the day and thankfully everything is looking great with baby! But it was a stressful many hours and I was beat. Baby was measuring 13w4d with a heart rate of 155 and the genetic markers so far are checking out normally. 
Here's to the start of second trimester little one. Thanks for joining me on this journey!

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