Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Baby H: Adding to Our Family

J and I have always known we wanted more than one baby (the jury's still out on a third but two was always the plan) and the older Mark got the more and more we started to think about what we wanted the dynamics of our family to look like. 

Just like last time around our decision about kiddos is based largely around my med school journey. Sure it would be nice to have the freedom and flexibility other families have but frankly, we just don't. I am currently in my third year (of four) which will be followed by a residency program with a length of anywhere between 3 to 7+ years depending on the specialty I choose. From what I've heard through the grapevine having babies is harder in residency than in medical school, not to mention we are currently close to both our parents and might have to move out of the state/across the country for a residency program. With all that said it was easy for us to come to the conclusion that we wanted our second baby to arrive while I was still in the school part of things. 

So with that decision made we knew we had approximately two years to welcome this new baby into our family and started talking even more specific in terms of timing. We decided, again fairly easily, that we ideally wanted our two babies to be the farthest apart that they could be while also having baby #2 be the oldest that s/he could be when I'm starting residency. Aka we didn't want babies one year apart but also didn't want a two week old as I begin my program. With all that said we did the math and jumped on board about growing our family. 

We were thrilled to find out we were expecting our second bundle on August 21st, 2015!
And yes, that meant we were incredibly lucky a second time in that it took no time at all for me to get pregnant. Just like with Mark we had a bun in the oven after one month of trying. And just like the first time too, we both knew when it'd be possible to see those two pink lines so J was with me the morning I tested. The interesting thing is that I was just as nervous, if not more, the second time around to see if we would be parents again. I don't know if it was because of the ease of things the first time that I was convinced it wouldn't be so easy again but those three loooong minutes of waiting were just as hard with this babe. And seeing those positive tests was just as rewarding and life changing. 

My estimates and my 8 week ultrasound measurements agree with Baby H #2's due date as May 1, 2016. J is hoping this babe will be a week late and arrive on his birthday while I'm hoping baby comes a week early because it fits better with school, ha. It'll be very different for me being pregnant through the winter vs through the summer with Mark but regardless of anything else, we cannot wait to meet our spring time bundle!
Photo taken at 8w5d with a heart rate of 169

We love you more than you know little peanut! 
We are so excited to watch you grow in momma's belly the next 6 months and welcome you into our family.


  1. So, so exciting!!! I'm amazed at your ability to time pregnancies so precisely. Haha! Even with our years of NFP experience/knowledge, we can't seem to figure out the getting pregnant quickly thing! I think God is still trying to teach me how to be patient and not plan my life out so specifically.

    That's wonderful that you'll be near your parents for baby #2's arrival! And a May due date sounds PERFECT! You'll still fit in mostly normal clothes for the holidays, and you'll be done with the pregnancy part before the weather gets hot! :)

  2. So exciting!!! Although, it's so hard for me to believe someone who I was pregnant with last time is pregnant again haha! Hayden was a (late) May baby and it's a great time of year!!! So happy for you! :)



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