Saturday, July 25, 2015

Baby H: Ten Months of Mark


[+] weighs 20#9oz according to our scale at home.

[+] is wearing 12 month sized clothes with a few 6-9mo thrown in (mostly t-shirts and shorts) and is in size 3 diapers during the day and size 4 overnight.

[+] has stood on just his feet without holding on a few times for only a few seconds at a time but seems so proud of himself when he does. He is all over the place all the time and it's actually quite hard to keep him contained if need be. He's always turning around in his highchair, he tries to stand in his stroller and usually won't let you hold him unless you're actively moving around and even then sometimes he tries to throw himself from your arms. He tasted freedom and won't go back.

[+] went on his first airplane ride and family vacation to Napa and did so, so well. I actually feel bad that we doubted him as much as we did. The flights weren't perfect and he had a few moments of terror while we were there but overall he was great.

[+] is no longer in his infant carrier carseat and I can't believe it! We knew we wanted to take the baby seat (and the stroller system) with us on our vacation so we didn't transition him until we got back but he seems so much happier in the bigger seat. We got a killer deal on a Graco My Ride 65 from Amazon on a random sale and then got a Graco Contender 65 as the second seat also from Amazon.

[+] said his first word on June 15th and momma lost! He's in dada, dada, dada mode! He really enunciates the word and moves his tongue in the silliest way. But now that the first words out of the way, I might just flip if his next word is Ollie! Ha!

[+] had his second lateral incisor pop through the gum on July 16th and then the left front tooth broke through the gum on July 25. We can tell they've really been bothering him lately so hopefully the end is in sight.

[+] got his first real cold this month and boy can I say how happy I am he's been so healthy till now. His nose has been a little fountain of snot and he screams bloody murder when it's super runny, we try to wipe it or use the nose frida to help him. I can't be sure if it's related but he also projectile vomited twice (once while out to lunch and once all over me) and I feel so horrible for him when that happens. He's also been refusing bottles and we're not sure what the cause of that is. Whether its from just feeling crummy and not being as hungry, because he's so congested and it's hard to breath or even because his gums are sore and sucking makes it worse we're still not quite back to normal with his feeds yet.

[+] went to the Denver Zoo for the first time and while he slept for about an hour right in the middle of the trip, still got to see lots of different things. He smiled at the zebras, giraffes and elephants and liked touching the glass on all the fish and reptile tanks.

[+] nicknames: Marky-Mark, Monk, Monkey,

[+] likes: turkey hot dogs, Ollie, swimming, pushing his cart

[+] dislikes: colds/booger removal, sun on his face in the car, diaper changes


[+] have just started thinking about his first birthday party (holy crap where has my baby gone!?!). There isn't a "theme" because he doesn't "really like" any certain thing/character yet so we're going with a color-scheme of cherry red, bright blue and gray to celebrate our boy. Like all our invites recently (save the dates, wedding, gender reveal, baby shower) I have created his party invitation and as soon as I know a bit more about my schedule for around that time I'll be picking a date and time. I made a birthday banner to hopefully use for years to come while I had some free time last week. I'm hoping to make his smash cake and possibly coordinating cupcakes for the party. I'm envisioning snack foods/apps for guests with some sort of yummy cocktail. Now to just decide how big of a shin-dig we want this to be.

[+] have throughly been enjoying my time off from school with my boys. It's been so nice to read something for pleasure, put Mark down for his naps, binge watch Netflix, go on adventures in the middle of the day and just relax. There's nothing I have to do and no where I have to be and it's been fantastic. Granted I only have another week until the madness of rotations start but I'll be soaking up the last few days as much as possible. Oh and did I mention my first rotation is surgery? Nothing like jumping in head first.

[+] am getting myself a new gym membership today in hopes of making myself start going again. We previously had a 24 Hour membership and while J is going to continue to go there I'm switching to the rec center instead. It's cheaper but smaller but for me that's just fine.

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