Monday, June 8, 2015

Whole30: Week 1

I'm one week in and feeling good. I am down 4lbs from where I started and approximately 3% body fat too. I realize that a lot of these changes are due to water weight loss and less bloat but as someone who wasn't going into this program with the interest in losing a ton of weight I'll take it. Plus the less bloat definitely has my self confidence up some already. I was worried originally about how difficult it would be to curb cravings but as a whole it hasn't been too bad. It definitely helps that I'm at home now during the days and that we aren't "getting out much" for summer type activities thanks to board studying. The less temptation the easier it is for me. For the most part the food has been delicious and we have another week filled with potentials. Here's how week one went...

Day 1
Breakfast   Jimmy Dean Delight breakfast sandwich. Coffee with almond milk. I did a bad job planning and forgot I had a practice board exam at 8 am until 11pm the night before which meant the prep I was planning on doing didn't happen. But I successfully avoided the muffins/bagels/juice provided for the exam so we'll just move on from my slip.
Lunch   Tuna with spicy mustard drizzle + black pepper. Gala apple/green grapes with almond butter.
Dinner   Hawaiian Burgers
Snacks/Dessert   Strawberry/raspberry/blueberry bowl + sprinkled coconut flakes for dessert
Thoughts   The day was fine given the start. I already know my cheat is going to be one packet of splenda in my coffee in the morning because I just can't drink it black and I can't go without coffee right now either. I loved that Mark basically had the same dinner as us eating pineapple and ground beef for the first time. I need to up my water intake overall though.
Day 2
Breakfast   3 egg omelet + spinach/onion/cherry tomato. Coffee with almond milk.
Lunch   Spinach salad + cherry tomatoes/carrots/balsamic vinegar. Half an avocado.
Dinner   Grilled top round steak + oven roasted potato wedges. Both drizzled with balsamic.
Snacks/Dessert   A handful of almonds, second half an avocado, banana with almond butter for dessert.
Thoughts   I definitely didn't get enough calories from lunch which left me hungry and cranky in the afternoon. I need to add in a protein source for lunch. I've become a balsamic vinegar addict and want to put it on everything I would normally use condiments for. I got a pretty decent headache this afternoon but don't think it was Whole30 related.

Day 3
Breakfast   Sweet potato hash topped with 2 over-easy eggs. Coffee with almond milk.
Lunch   Spinach salad + grilled chicken + strawberries/green onion/cherry tomatoes and homemade raspberry vinaigrette. Slices of pineapple on the side.
Dinner   Salmon on the grill with lemon + EVOO. Steamed broccoli.
Snacks/Dessert   Made a big jar of iced tea, unsweetened with a few lemon slices.
Thoughts   Breakfast was fantastic! I used about half a sweet potato and roughly followed the recipe linked above and seriously almost made the same meal for lunch it was that good. The vinaigrette I made at lunch was approximately 1c raspberries, 1/2c EVOO, 1/4c balsamic and cracked black pepper all mixed together in the magic bullet.

Day 4
Breakfast   Sweet potato hash (above) topped with 2 over-easy eggs. Coffee with almond milk.
Lunch   Local Bison Dogs (like hot dogs but better) + spicy mustard. A gala apple with almond butter.
Dinner   Taco salad with ground turkey + avocado/cherry tomatoes/green onion on shredded lettuce.
Snacks/Dessert   More iced tea, strawberry/blueberry bowl for dessert.
Thoughts   I wanted a post-dinner snack the night before but didn't end up getting one which made me super hungry when I woke up this morning. I'm actually surprised at how good I'm still feeling. No real lack of energy, headaches, etc., still going strong and didn't even cave to Costco samples today. I overcooked my eggs this morning making them not quite as good.
Day 5
Breakfast   Sweet potato hash topped with 2 over-easy eggs. Coffee with almond milk.
Lunch   Local bison dog + spicy mustard. A gala apple with almond butter.
Dinner   Mixed greens salad + grilled chicken + green bell pepper/red onion/cherry tomatoes with my homemade raspberry dressing (above).
Snacks/Dessert   Nothing actually.
Thoughts   A creature of habit much for the first part of the day? I'm switching it up soon so I don't get burnt out on these items because I love them so much. Dinner was a flop, no necessarily because it was Whole30 but because our salads just weren't good. We occasionally have this same meal for dinner without being on this plan but it just wasn't hitting the spot tonight. Peppers we're best for eating raw, spinach was getting a bit soggy, everything was just blah about it. I had a rough study day and really, I mean really, wanted a drink in the evening but I didn't cave!

Day 6
Breakfast   Sweet potato hash topped with 2 over-easy eggs. Coffee with almond milk.
Lunch   Smoothie with spinach/frozen banana/blueberries + a splash of almond milk. Avocado with garlic powder and lime juice.
Dinner   Grilled chicken + grilled asparagus drizzled with balsamic vinegar.
Snacks/Dessert   Handful of almonds and a small handful of raspberries.
Thoughts   I had a weird moment in the late afternoon where I suddenly felt super hungry, got lightheaded and even felt super nauseous. I'm not sure if I was overly hungry from not having a very big lunch but I definitely didn't like the feeling. The almonds and raspberries helped but still so strange. Dinner was delicious, I think asparagus might be one of my favorites. Fell into the hole that is cheating and made myself a drink after I was done studying. I'm feeling good overall and still want to stick to this so I'm not beating myself up about the cheat.

Day 7
Breakfast   3 egg omelet + spinach/onion/cherry tomato + hot sauce. Coffee with almond milk.
Lunch   Left over chicken with raspberry vinaigrette dressing + baby carrots + almonds.
Dinner   Chicken & apple sausages + sweet potato hash (same as above from breakfasts)
Snacks/Dessert   A banana + coconut water with pineapple juice.
Thoughts   My breakfast and lunch were definitely low spots today. I over cooked the tomatoes in my omelet but undercooked my eggs a bit leaving the whole thing too slimy for my liking. I was in a time crunch for lunch and nothing else sounded any better but this definitely wasn't satisfying. Thankfully dinner made up for it and was extra delicious. I had my first realization tonight about how Whole30 can really be a thought process/lifestyle change as I didn't miss the hotdog buns, ketchup, overly salted frozen french fries that we usually do for this meal instead.

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