Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June Goals

May's Recap
[+] survive! Yes, we made it to June. 

[+] have a good celebration with my hubs for his birthday. I think this was accomplished but the real judge would be J. 

[+] work towards dropping Mark's dream feed. Now that I'm done breastfeeding this got pushed to the top of the list. After a week of letting my supply go I attempted to just stop doing it last night. And success! He didn't wake up once which just proves that he was ready. 

[+] make Ollie a doggie-friendly treat for his B-day. I totally spaced this (not to mention thought his birthday was on the wrong date) but whipped something up in a hurry. Frozen banana + peanut butter topped with a few dog treats. He loved it. 

[+] get (or ask) for more summer clothes for Mark. After picking up a few items myself and getting a few from the grandmas we're in much better shape. He also got a new swim suit and rash guard for our California trip. 

June's Goals
[+] move my winter clothes out and my summer clothes into my closet. I need to figure out what of my summer wardrobe even fits anymore (since I was prego last summer I didn't get to do this) and hopefully the nice weather is here to stay. 

[+] do at least 88 Qbank questions for boards every day. I'd love to do 132 and I will whenever I can but I'm sure that's not realistic every day. 

[+] be more intentional about my time. If I'm studying I need to log off social media and stay at my desk. If I'm playing with or feeding Mark I need to not attempt to study pharm cards at the same time. If I'm getting quality time with my husband I need to put my phone away and turn off the TV. If we're out with family or friends leave med school at home. 

[+] see the sun every day. It's no joke that this month will spend way too much time studying for boards but getting some fresh air is good for everyone, med school mommas included. 

[+] stick to Whole30 for the month! I'm finally doing something for me.

Happy June everyone! Halfway through the year almost!

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