Thursday, June 25, 2015

Baby H: Nine Months of Mark


[+] weighs 20#0.5oz (56%) and is 27.5in long (15%) with a head of 46cm (77%). More moving on the growth curves which we're thrilled about. He's definitely a chunky guy now which is such a blessing after all our weight struggles in the beginning and hopefully his height starts shooting up soon too.

[+] got his top left lateral incisor on June 11 which is odd since the central ones usually pop out before these ones. I have a sneaking suspicion the middle ones aren't far behind because his gums are super swollen and he's been a hot mess lately.

[+] has a new schedule and while it's took a while to get in the groove, I think we made the right decision for him. He sleeps 7:30 to 7:30 during the night and takes two naps around 10 and 2 for anywhere between 1.5 and 2 hours each. With the weather warming up, more activities during the summer, a vacation on the horizon, we were feeling a little "stuck" with three naps at home in his crib. Going down to two means he's awake for longer between them giving us more time for adventures.

[+] now only gets four 7oz bottles (instead of five smaller ones) thanks to his nap schedule change but again, I think it's working perfectly. We've also upped his solid food intake to three meals a day and the time change of things has made his "meals" fall better with our normal breakfast, lunch and dinner. We're still working through some purees that are in the freezer but he's also eating a lot of regular food too. He really loves his broccoli + green apple puree, blueberries, tomatoes and avocado, greek yogurt and cottage cheese and basically anything we set in front of him. He's turning into such a good eater and is getting so good at feeding himself. He's also practicing drinking water with his sippy cup, out of a straw and from the edge of a cup.

[+] crawls like a madman and is getting quicker by the day. He is also a pro at pulling himself up and has successfully learned how to get down from standing without trouble. He got a push-cart walker toy that he loves to hold onto and walk behind, he "walks" along the edge of the couch and has officially learned to climb! The stairs are the perfect game in his mind (save us!). I don't think it'll be long before he's running at this rate.

[+] occasionally waves, gives high fives and squeaks and squawks all day long. He hasn't really made any distinct "sounds" yet like ma, ba, da, etc but we're really not worried about it. He'll also turn his head, crawl around, etc when you ask him "where's Ollie?" which is just so cute.

[+] nicknames: Marky-Mark, Boo, Love-B, Stink-stink (it seems like these few nicknames are sticking around)

[+] likes: popsicles, watermelon, being chased, water, Ollie

[+] dislikes: diaper/clothes changes, his car seat, getting teeth, being told "no"

[+] covet Mark's big, slobbery open mouth kisses like none other! He doesn't do it on demand yet but sometimes if I'm laying on the floor with him he speed-crawls over, grabs my face with his little fists and plants one on me. And the best part? He only does it with me! I'm sure J (and the grandmas) would appreciate the loving too but for now I'm soaking it all up. I've had so many moments of doubt that I'm not connecting with him enough, that I'm gone too much, that he doesn't do anything different with me than he does with someone else. So these silly kisses are exactly what his momma-heart needs.

[+] am 8 days out from being completely finished with boards and on summer break! It's been rough this last month or so and the time off, enjoying the summer, spending time with my boy, going on adventures and being stress free are going to be welcomed with open arms. And open bottles of wine most likely!

[+] sometimes get bummed that my life and my crazy medical school/residency journey is so difficult in terms of planning. Now that we have a family (and even before when it was just J and I) it's more difficult to take any opportunity that comes my way. Mark is so lucky to spend the first few years of his life in really close proximity to his grandmas and goodness knows we need their help a lot. And it just kills me that there's a chance, even if it's small, that we'll have to move farther away again and he won't have that for a while. Not to mention the planning and aspects of life related to baby number 2. (Nope, not pregnant, not trying, just being my A-type planner self).

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