Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Baby H: Five Months of Mark


[+] weighs about 15lbs and is packing on the rolls!

[+] is in size 2 diapers and 3-6/6month size clothing but I have a sneaking suspicion we won't be in these sizes much longer.

[+] can officially roll front-to-back and it's now even more impossible to get tummy time in. Before he used to just wail any time we'd set him on his belly but now he fusses for a second and then flips himself over in no time. How this little boy is ever going to learn to crawl is beyond me since he refuses to stay on his belly now for any amount of time. But either way, yay rolling!

[+] had his first bites of real food and it was a huge success. We started with mashed up ripe banana mixed with breast milk. He didn't exactly know what to do with it in his mouth at first but after a few spoonfuls was opening wide and smiling having a grand old time. We started with just once a day and then moved to twice and he gobbles up what we give him. He's also tried sweet potatoes and there are carrots in the freezer and oatmeal in the pantry ready to try soon. Since I'm making it all myself I'm not positive how much he takes each time but I'd estimate about an ounce/half a normal baby food container. And he'd probably take more but that's just all we offer him at one time. What a fun adventure!

[+] nurses from me when he first wakes up, takes four 5oz bottles throughout the day and then gets a dream feed from me before J and I head to bed. I think the consistency of his feeds in the day is making a huge difference in his mood, his weight and his sleeping.

[+] is finally sleeping through the night again (knock on wood). We changed his schedule up a bit during the day as far as when he eats and sleeps and now that he's getting more ounces in the day-time he dropped the night feed all on his own. He goes to bed at 7:30, I dream feed him between 10:15/10:45 and he sleeps until at least 7 the next morning. Occasionally he'll wake in the middle of the night but usually just fusses/cries for a few minutes and puts himself back to sleep. We're all very, very happy about this!

[+] is accomplishing so many firsts on top of what I've already mentioned. He went on his first walk sans-carseat and loved sitting in the stroller like a big boy to watch as we walked. He sat in a high chair when J and I went to dinner and while it didn't last the whole meal it was definitely progress. He's been practicing sitting up and playing in his bouncer all by himself. And I'm not the least bit sad that he's growing up.

[+] nicknames are Marky, Boo and Love-B

[+] likes: mommy's milk from a bottle, dancing and music, his Gram & Grammy

[+] dislikes: burping, lotion on his chapped cheek, the wind in his face

[+] have so much less stress and anxiety related to breastfeeding and our sweet boy's growth and it has done wonders to my sanity. I'm planning a whole post specifically on our breastfeeding adventures (enthralling I know) but the short story is that he's been getting more formula while also getting breast milk too and he's growing like a weed and has a much happier momma. I still have a lot of guilt but it is much easier to handle knowing he's doing so well.

[+] miss being pregnant already. Ha! Thankfully I had a really easy pregnancy with Mark and while the end was uncomfortable, I'd do it again in a heartbeat. I loved being responsible for growing someone who was half me and half J, what an incredible honor.

[+] am officially back to my pre-pregnancy weight. And without setting foot inside a gym, eating plenty of chocolate cake and basically just being a milk machine. I've always been blessed to not deal with weight issues but being back to that "starting line" sure does feel good regardless. My body is different now, without a doubt, but I've actually surprised myself with how accepting of it I am. I grew a human for crying out loud! The softness in my body is the last lingering sign of that accomplishment.

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