Monday, September 22, 2014

Baby H: Week 39

Welp there's still no baby in my arms yet but the time really is coming to a close. We've reached single digits and are awaiting this little boy's arrival on pins and needles. With my A-type personality I really don't like the unknown of when (date, time of day, etc etc etc) our lives will change forever but I'm trying to savor these last few days and/or last week before we meet our son.

I've been trying to keep up the "eviction notice" strategies as much as I can but so far nothing's working, obviously. I'm still drinking my raspberry leaf tea and going on long waddling walks in the afternoons with the pup and hubs by my side. I ate about 3/4 of a pineapple as part of my dinner one evening and have had numerous med school friends try pressure points and OMM on me in hopes of jump starting the process. I even thought holding our friend's two week old little boy might do the trick so we went and visited them in hopes my hormones would sense a baby in my arms and force my own baby out. No dice! Which just proves what I already knew, old wives tales are only a "thing" because of the few people who coincidentally go into labor after trying them.

I've been feeling so very pregnant this week. Braxton hicks contractions have kicked it up a notch in their intensity and frequency and I tend to imagine that they're starting to regulate themselves and/or be more painful than before in hopes of it actually meaning real labor. I've reached the point in pregnancy where I'm wishing for pain to start which is definitely a weird place to be. Bring on the labor pains and lightening crotch and contractions! Who am I!? Also this week J and I went on what will be our last dates which is so surreal. We went out for wings (spicy food induces labor right? nope!), saw a movie in the theaters with the fancy reclining seats, drove around looking at mansions like we used to all the time, ran errands and picked up a few last minute items before the baby comes. I'm sure he won't appreciate me sharing but the best part of the week was by far my mini pedicure from none other than my wonderful husband. I planned on having to beg him to take off my horribly chipped polish since I can't reach my toes and was absolutely thrilled when he not only said yes but also said he would re-paint them too. What a fantastic husband I have, I can't help but brag!

My doctor's appointment on Friday afternoon was definitely an adventure. I've officially progressed to a solid 3cm which is awesome news in the labor department for sure. We had a bit of a scare with some bleeding right afterwards as I started to get dressed but were reassured by my doctor, who we made come back into the room, that it was normal and everything was a-okay. J and I both had our thoughts of "holy cow is this it?" "did my water just break?" "are we staying here tonight?" which really put things into perspective that it could be any day now. The best news is that we officially have an end-date in sight as my doctor agreed to induce me the night of my due date if this little man doesn't come on his own before then. Originally she had said she waits until 40w4d to induce but since I'm making decent progress already she's comfortable moving it up. That leaves 7 days, seven whole yet short days until our son starts to make his way out one way or another! Holy crap!

Baby boy, we seriously cannot wait to meet you! Thinking about your birthday makes me want to jump up and down with excitement and joy and happiness. Then I remember I'm still pregnant and avoid the jumping for now. :-) We've waited 9 long months while you've been growing perfectly in my belly and the time is coming near to getting to hold you in our arms. I can't wait to look into your eyes and become your momma. I can't wait to hear your first cry as you announce your arrival into the world. I can't wait to feel your soft skin and kiss your sweet cheeks. You've changed my life forever already and I can't wait to see what's in store from here on out.

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  1. The last days can feel so hard... but these sweet little babies are more than worth all of it. I've been following your blog since the beginning of your pregnancy and I'm so excited for your family to grow and to see pictures of your little guy. Hopefully he gives his mama a break and comes out soon! Congrats! :)



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