Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby H: 36 Weeks

Holy cow we're under 30 days! The 29th came and went and it's insane that he will be making his debut sometime in the next month! September seemed so far away this past spring when I was sporting a super tiny bump and wishing for baby movements and now it's already here!

This week was actually pretty good pregnancy wise compared to the last few. It seems like little man's dropped a bit because my ribs have been feeling immensely better while my pelvis is taking the brunt of the aches instead. He still has his feet up nice and high which means plenty of kicks that make me gasp they're so strong but I'll definitely take this over the "ribs of fire" from a few weeks ago when he was floating around up there more. My pelvis on the other hand screams at me if I get up to quickly or try to push things on the ground with my feet. I also think I've mastered the waddle this week which is just comical if you ask me. 

My heartburn is getting a bit more regular but thankfully not unbearable and I am still stretch mark free! I'm starting to get to the exhaustion stage similar to that of first trimester and often have to lay down for at least a little while each afternoon. Hopefully this doesn't get too much worse over the coming weeks because as of now I'm still doing okay balancing med school and growing a human and both take a lot of work! I've noticed my appetite go down some which I can only attribute to the fact that there's less and less space in there as the days go by. I get hungry but then super full not too much later which means I have to be conscious about spacing out my meals.

The best part of this week was by far getting to peak in on our little man during my last ultrasound before he decides to meet the world. Everything checked out just perfectly in terms of measurements, he's still sitting around the 65-70th percentile mark but has quite long limbs already. He's estimated to weigh 6lbs 4oz which just blows my mind because that's totally a "regular baby size" already. There's totally a little human in my belly! We did have a little worry about his heart rate during the ultrasound which was thankfully cleared up quickly. The tech measured it around 120, which compared to the usual 140 it's been at for the last few weeks shocked us a little bit. We mentioned it to our doctor when she was checking it again which prompted her to have me lay on my side to get a better measurement followed by hooking me up to the monitors for our first Non-stress Test. Twenty minutes later we were reassured that he was perfect as can be, that his heart rate was just fine and according to the nurse "he's the best baby on the monitor all day". Thank goodness! 

I'm looking forward to packing my hospital bag and getting the car seat bases installed in our cars this coming week. We also have maternity pictures on the horizon and I've been pinning ideas and mentally planning outfits amidst studying EKGs. And of course, I'm most excited that we're in the final month countdown to meeting our son! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be a little early, say 38 weeks instead of the full 40 but regardless, we're so close! We got 3D pictures during our ultrasound and I can't wait to smooch on those chubby cheeks and sweet little lips. Swoon!

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  1. He is so adorable! Hope these last few weeks are at least somewhat comfortable and enjoyable for you :) September is a great month to have a baby (my first baby's birthday is the 19th)!



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