Monday, August 4, 2014

Baby H: Week 32

We are officially 80% of the way done, holy cow. I was just telling J the other night that while there have been moments where the days drag on, overall the past 7ish months have seemed to go so fast. Just this weekend a blog friend Laura had her precious little girl and I thought back to the early days when she was announcing her pregnancy and how at the time I knew I was pregnant but we weren't telling anyone yet. And now she has a baby in her arms which only means it's not too long till I do too.

Unfortunately I think I'm starting to get to the pregnant stage that's not so fun. Since I was able to avoid a lot of the negative symptoms in the beginning weeks I've really had a great pregnancy thus far and am sad that it's changing. I'm definitely going to try and make the best of the end but dang I hope it doesn't get much more complicated. Third trimester coupled with the start of med school made this week not quite so enjoyable as some of the weeks before. Hello exhaustion, it's not nice to see you again! It's likely due to setting an alarm after 6 weeks of summer break, spending hours in a lecture hall filling my brain and knowing once I get home I still have work to do along with the whole growing a human thing too. I was thankfully able to throw in a few naps in the afternoons but hope my body does some adjusting or else this should be interesting.

Having a stricter schedule also means that I'm that much more physically uncomfortable throughout the day. I make myself get up and walk around during each of our ten minute breaks in school but come lunch time all I want to do is lay down somewhere because my ribs and back are killing me. While I love each and every movement from our sweet boy I wish there was a way for him to know to lay low while I'm in class because he's starting to get strong enough to hurt me and I can't change positions while learning pharmacology. The other day I swear he was laying horizontal in my belly because there were strong kicks/punches way to the side of my belly and the following day once he changed positions I literally felt like I was bruised in those places.

Thankfully I've been sleeping like a log which I'm so grateful for. Whether it's because I'm more tired now and just zonk out or because of my new body pillow (that I should have gotten months ago because it's that awesome) at least I'm hanging on to my precious sleep for now. I also stop drinking too much liquid a few hours before bed which has allowed me to avoid all the night time bathroom runs so many ladies deal with. I've officially taken off my wedding rings after finding they absolutely wouldn't come off one day so they'll be hanging out on my necklace until little man's arrival. I haven't had any significant swelling in my feet or legs though yet so that's still a plus and I'm still stretch mark free. I can still paint my own toenails but consciously think to myself "I wonder if that was the last time" after each polish change these days. I haven't really had any big cravings lately (unless you count dessert in the evenings but that happened even before I was pregnant) and I'm still not loving the idea of drinking anything warm.

J and I went to the second of our classes, the one on breastfeeding, at the hospital this week. It was for three hours one evening and I feel like we learned so much. I have every intention of breastfeeding our little man but know we have quite the challenging circumstance given that I don't get a ton of time off school after he's born. We've figured out the logistics of getting a pump through our insurance and hope that we're able to quickly set a schedule for feeding and pumping sessions once he's here so that I can go back to school and he can still get what's best for him. If anyone has any personal experience with this I would love to chat about how you made pumping work for your family.

Here's hoping the next few weeks keep quickly passing and that nothing unusual pops up. Hang in there little boy! We've waited so long for you but want to make sure you're as healthy as can be once you arrive. Which hopefully is less than 60 days from now!

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