Monday, June 30, 2014

Baby H: Week 27

I'm a bit confused as to what weeks are in what trimester as I've read the start of the third trimester being anywhere from week 27 to 29. I'll stick to what the pregnancy apps on my phone say which is that this is my last week in second trimester. Holy cow! 

This week was filled with exciting moments, where to start! Within one day we completed all the big purchases for the nursery including a new dresser and love seat and our travel system was waiting on the front porch when we pulled up. The furniture is from Ikea which meant plenty of assembly required and the stroller/car seat is the Britax B-Agile/B-Safe travel system in Sandstone from Amazon because they had the best deal. I'll be sure to do a whole post just about the nursery once it's finished which is hopefully sooner rather than later. Our little family of two and a half also attended the wedding of one of my close friends and boy was this momma beat by the end of the night. Dancing in heals when you weigh more than you ever have definitely takes it's toll. Throw in not getting home until really late and I literally felt hungover the next day thanks to exhaustion and a tired body. 

With all the extra trips to the doctors office a few months ago for my early glucose test and such it feels like forever since we've been in to be seen even though it's only been 3 weeks. My next appointment isn't scheduled for another ten days but I'm already getting excited about seeing little man's sweet face on our growth ultrasound. Fingers crossed he isn't measuring quite as big as the last time but even if he is I'll be happy just to have him healthy. I've been dealing with my fair share of back aches recently and even found myself up at 3am searching for prenatal yoga on Pinterest the other night just because I was so uncomfortable. Here's hoping it doesn't get too much worse than this in the weeks to come but I have a feeling I'm fooling myself thinking it won't. In other news it's been hot hot hot here and I don't think I'm doing the best about making sure I stay hydrated which is definitely something I need to work on. I find myself not wanting to drink just plain water constantly which means I reach for iced coffee, teas, lemonade, Sonic limeades probably more often than I should. But I'm chugging water as I type trying to be better. I'm officially in all things maternity when it comes to shorts and pants but can still wear most of my non-maternity tops and dresses which makes getting dressed easier for sure. My allergies have been kicking my butt recently and it's definitely a pain not being able to take some of the meds that used to give me relief. 

I remember being so excited when I hit 13 weeks because it meant I was far enough along to spill the beans and now I'm to the point of only having 13 weeks left! I find myself thinking in real terms about actually having our little boy here with us, outside of my belly, and it usually blows my mind. We've always talked about having kids and the beginning of my pregnancy was filled with thoughts about bringing a little one into the world. But for so long it all seemed hypothetical. "Someday we'll have to get up in the middle of night", "I'll have a car seat in the back of my car soon", "I can't wait to see J hold our little boy". But it seems like the closer we get to my due date the more real it's all becoming. I'm thankful that pregnancy is 40 weeks because it's giving me time to mentally prepare for our little boy and making me that much more excited for the day he arrives. 

More and more often J and I find ourselves referring to our little boy by his first name and it just makes my heart swell each time I hear it. Calling him by his name, feeling his strong kicks and rolls throughout the day, officially having baby gear accumulating in the house. Gosh I can't wait to meet him because I just love him so much already. Under 100 days and less than 3 months until our world is changed forever! 

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