Monday, June 9, 2014

Baby H: Week 24

Yep, this outfit is really making an appearance. Sorry I'm not sorry. Our Sunday (which is the day we take pictures each week) consisted of morning movie watching, laundry, filling my brain with everything I could about viruses, and projects in the basement. The weather was crappy and even involved a tornado warning which meant the only reason I left the house at all was to grab Taco Bell for dinner. I'll take what I can get.

Maybe it's because the weather is starting to heat up and school is almost over (which means SUMMER!!!) but I'm having a hard time accepting the idea of not getting to indulge on Bud Lite Limes and margs in the coming months. I used to rarely drink before so it's not like this is a huge change for me but I did enjoy in an adult-beverage here and there and so this is the hardest thing I've had to give up. Coffee? I still drink it, just not as much. Sushi? Wasn't ever a huge fan so it's not missed. Lunch meat? Hit or miss whether I care or not. But I do miss booze. To the point this week where I found myself paroozing Pinterest for holiday cocktails for Thanksgiving and Christmas already. Oops!

We have our 24 weeks appointment on Tuesday and it should hopefully be pretty uneventful. Symptom wise I'm feeling great at this point. I've been diligently taking my iron supplement and hope that the effects of that start to kick in soon. Occasionally it's taken me a little while to get comfortable in bed but thankfully I've had no recent bouts of insomnia and usually don't wake up in the middle of the night even to use the restroom which is great. My ribs, especially the left side, are notoriously painful if I sit for too long but otherwise aches and pains have been minimal the last few days. I'm still craving tasty, icy things to drink so my bubba is usually filled with lemon water, iced tea, etc etc throughout the day. J and I went through the drive-thru at Sonic recently and I had to order one of the new Nerds slushes because it sounded fantastic. The first few sips were definitely tasty but this drink was just too much for me. Too much sugar for this sweet-tooth is saying something!

I've been feeling much better about getting dressed lately since I feel like I have a real baby bump to show off now. Plus the handful of items I've purchased recently have made a world of difference. Maternity shorts are pretty much the best thing ever as are extra long tanks that let me wear most of my regular shirts still without them being crop-tops. I tried on basically all the dresses I own the other day to find one for a wedding and happily, I could have chosen any one of them still, although they definitely fit differently these days. I assume I'll have to buy a few extra things to get me completely through the fall but am happy to avoid it for now. It's been quite the journey watching my body change like it has over the last five months, all for this little man of ours.

With only one more week of classes it's been really hard to get my mind focused on school so there's been lots of progress happening in the nursery. I've almost completed my collection of prints and such for the gallery wall, washed the fabric I'll be using to make a changing pad cover and a crib sheet with and we officially know what furniture we'll be buying once the carpet is installed. J also hung up shelves for books and curtain rods and has started on a DIY project of his own, a massive abacus to hang above the crib in hopes that this little man loves number just like his daddy. Now if only the semester could be done already and the carpet could be in. This momma is starting to be on full-nesting mode!

And I tell you what, it's crazy what a difference 10 weeks makes! Can't wait to add in week 34. I've said it before and I'll say it again, time sure is flying.

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