Monday, May 19, 2014

Baby H: Week 21

We are both still savoring the fact that there's a little baby boy in my belly and knowing his gender has made the fall seem that much more real. I've always wanted to be a boy mom and from what I hear, I'm in for a fantastic journey even if I am outnumbered 3 to 1 (and yes we count the dog!) 

This week has definitely had it's up's and downs so where to start. Let's get the down outta the way, my rescheduled doctors appointment from Tuesday. After leaving the office Friday afternoon on such a high from our ultrasound knowing everything looked great for our little man I went into my appointment thinking I was going to hear nothing but good things. When it came time to discuss our ultrasound results my doc surprised me by being concerned that he was already so big, 96th percentile big to be exact. And so what I thought was good news, a big growing boy and a possibly earlier due date, turned into an early 1hr glucose test and concerns for gestational diabetes.

Being in medical school I completely understand the reasoning behind GD screening and that it's a completely manageable part of pregnancy should it pop up, I just wasn't expecting to worry about it at 20 weeks. And I think that's why it got me so rattled. Not to mention that GD totally freaks me out in terms of my and my son's future health, postpartum. Yes he was at the top of the growth charts already. Yes I might be on the higher end of weight gain at this point in my pregnancy. But I've never been overweight, I have no family history of diabetes what so ever and it's still early in my pregnancy for the most part. Regardless, I was sent home with a lovely bright orange bottle with instructions to come back this coming Thursday for a 1hr test that will be followed up with a second 1hr at 28 weeks.

Since Tuesday (after many tears by me and comforts from my sweet husband that I am doing a good job) I've really taken my nutrition seriously and am just taking control of the situation in general. I previously found myself snacking before I was actually hungry and I think that habit stems from my little bouts of morning sickness early on where keeping food in my stomach kept the nausea away. Now that nausea isn't something I have to worry about, neither is allowing my belly to get to the rumbling stage. I've also really cut back on the sweets/desserts/candy/etc, not that I was eating them out of control but it seems like since Easter there have always been treats around to continuously have rather than indulge on sporadically. I'd like to maintain my current weight for the next few weeks just to get myself and this sweet babe back in a moderate range and fingers crossed that come Thursday this will all be just a bump in the road.

In much, much better news, baby boy's starting to be more of a mover and a shaker in there and while they're still timid for the most part, I've finally gotten my share of jabs from him this last week. Usually it's just rolls but then out of the blue (sitting in class, watching tv, studying at my desk) I'll feel a definite poke. He was also moving around enough the other night that J could feel his wiggles as we were laying in bed. I still can't wait until their stronger, use your muscles little man! The only other item of note for now is the insomnia seems to be back and in fact, this entire post was written on Sunday morning before the sun came up. I was awake at 3:30 and after about 20 minutes of trying to let myself fall back asleep I figured I might as well just get up and hit the studying early. I guess this is how life with a newborn might be so I'm preparing myself? Regardless there will either be lots of naps or coffee in my future if this doesn't change.

And because I love a good comparison photo, along with this cuties profile, check out the newest shot of our peanut from our 20 week appointment. I just can't wait to have him here to smooch on those pretty little lips!

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  1. Just wanted to wish you luck on your glucose test! I know it can be stressful- I have no risk factors or family history either (and didn't have it with my first pregnancy), but I failed then one-hour test during this pregnancy with a 140, which meant I had to take the 3-hour. I was so worried about it but all my numbers came back great! I'm hoping you'll get the same sense of relief this week :)



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