Monday, May 5, 2014

Baby H: Week 19

19 weeks and hello baby belly! I feel my bump has officially turned into a belly this week which might explain why I've been extra hungry and had trouble climbing out of bed feeling exhausted this week. I'll take it though! My skin and lips have been extra dry lately and thankfully stretch marks are still staying away although the skin right around my belly button has seemed extra tight the last few days. Growing and stretching are happening for sure. I finally bought my first pair of maternity pants, cropped jeans from Old Navy, after being almost in tears getting ready for school one morning. I also tried on about 10 different outfits to wear to J's early birthday dinner with his mom Saturday night so I think the days of all my regular clothes are coming to a quick end. 

I've been waiting for those first baby wiggles on pins and needles and can finally say they've arrived and are the best thing ever! They're still just from squirming and doing somersaults, no kicks or jabs yet but I love them anyways. It's so hard to describe what they feel like, kneading, bubbles, and even a couple times almost giving me the sensation of roller coaster/elevator falling/stomach in your throat type feelings. I have to lay on my back super still to be able to feel them and there's much more activity in the evenings. I can't wait for them to get stronger and for J to be able to feel them.

The worst moment from this week was definitely a bought with crazy dizziness and left me feeling real scared. I was standing talking with our roommate and all of a sudden really didn't feel good. I felt super light headed and nauseous, got really hot and flushed and felt like I couldn't concentrate. I headed towards our bedroom to go lay down and started seeing spots and my hearing suddenly seemed like I was underwater. This happened once before when I was in the shower but I attributed it to getting overheated but this most recent time has no obvious cause. It's definitely something I'm going to bring up to my doc at our appointment on Friday because it totally freaked me out.

On a much better note, our big anatomy scan is this Friday and I'm so looking forward to it! I can't wait for our date with the little one on the ultra sound. I'm still craving all things juicy, especially minneolas, but otherwise have been eating everything else like a normal person. I've been especially thirsty this week and often get sick of plain water so I've been indulging on orange juice and iced tea often. J was gone for a whole week and it's so nice to have him back now. I had one of my first pregnancy related breakdown while he was gone thanks to hormones and stress from school and just plain missing my hubs. I'm very thankful for him and when I think about how this fall will be with our sweet babe my heart just swells. 


  1. Belly looks adorable on you! Wishing you a healthy, dizzy-free pregnancy!

  2. You look adorable! Bummer about the dizziness, hopefully that was just a fluke!



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