Monday, March 31, 2014

Baby H: Week 14

There have been moments this week where I almost forget that I'm pregnant thanks to the lack of symptoms and return of my energy back to a somewhat normal state. I sometimes feel guilty that I had a grand total of about 10 days of nausea and otherwise very mild symptoms throughout the last 14 weeks. But then I assume this only means our next babe won't be so nice so I take the cards I've been dealt this time around and run.

The only things I've been dealing with have been a hunger-pit that I can't seem to fill and a bit of round ligament pain on my right side. Throw in a few dizzy spells thanks to my uber-low blood pressure (measured at 90/52 at my doctors appointment last week) and laying on my stomach starting to be uncomfortable and that completes the list this week. I've scheduled an appointment for some OMT on my round ligament for next week and have been trying my best to snack and drink water constantly to help with the rest.

I've yet to venture into maternity clothes (minus a few Target tanks from the clearance rack) and I hope to stay away from them as long as possible. It would really help if the weather would cooperate and stay nice for more than just one day so I could keep out skirts and dresses so I didn't have to button pants anymore. I did however get my first pair of maternity jean shorts in the mail from Zulily, ordered because I'll definitely be needing those in a few months, and I can already tell they are going to be heaven. Hello stretchy waist-bands! However on the other side of waist-bands are my favorite pair of Athleta workout leggings that have been officially retired. I wore them to school one day this week and no matter if I pulled them up over my belly or wore them really low with a tank pulled way down I was just uncomfortable and it definitely wasn't worth it.

In terms of baby, J and I both have our "wishes" for what the gender of the little one is and I have a serious hunch that hasn't changed since that first week. For now though I'm keeping my mouth shut because I hate being wrong. We're still in the deciding-stage as to whether we'll find out (J wants to know, I don't) but our anatomy scan is scheduled a few days before Mother's day which means that if we decide to know it'll be the perfect opportunity to share the news with our families. It's crazy to me that the baby in my belly, only the size of a jalapeƱo, has finger prints, vocal cords, visible heart chambers and is already wiggling around in there even though I can't feel it. I'll tell you what, this journey sure is something else.

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