Thursday, February 28, 2013

My Husband's Year of Fitness

My husband is an amazing man, hence the reason I married him right? Duh. He is supportive of me and my dreams, encourages me in every aspect of my life and is my biggest fan. He's always telling me how much he loves me and I often hear of him talking about me to other people. Well, now its my turn to brag about him and his motivation, his dedication, his strength just for a little while.

Its no question that weight has been an issue for J throughout his life. He has a big appetite, loves food, hates being hungry and quite honestly, has lived with a girl who eats like a slob (hangs head in shame) and maintains her weight. Over time he ended up putting on more weight than he would have liked, reaching his highest right around the time when we got engaged in 2011.

I hated that J felt the way he did about himself. It got to the point of dismissing some of my favorite engagement photo pictures, negative self-talk and just plain feeling crappy. I knew I would love him for the rest of our days, regardless of weight or hair loss or anything else that is physical but I wanted him to be confident in himself too.

Spurred by the upcoming wedding and a general down-feelings, he spent an entire year changing his life. Changes that aren't small either. Getting up at 4:30am (also known as the horrible-hour) to get in a cardio workout every single day before a full day of work. Then spending close to 2 hours each evening doing strength training. Counting calories of everything that went in his mouth and consistently being at a deficit. We're talking lifestyle changes here.

Now, one year later and 60+ lbs down he's done it. 

The process was not easy, that's 100% sure. He pushed his body to it's limits, made sacrifices and to be honest, it even caused some tensions in our relationship. But it is all so worth it in the end. His attitude about life has changed. He is much more happy, has goals to push himself towards and is so much more healthy which can't be discredited at all.

J: I am so incredibly proud of you and your accomplishments in this huge moment in your life. I look at you each day, at the motivation and dedication you've shown me over the last year, and can't help but fall even more in love with you. I think you are the most handsome you've ever been and I know that this lifestyle change has given us both so much. I am so happy to be your wife, so honored to stand beside your buff self ;-) and so excited for all the years to come.

To read more details about his journey (numbers, workout plans, calorie limits, etc) go here where he's written it himself.


  1. Thank you babe. This is a really nice post and I appreciate it. I want to thank you so much for helping me with my goals. I know it wasn't easy on you but I am so happy know. I LOVE YOU WITH MY WHOLE HEART>

  2. WOW he looks awesome!! I wish my hubs would exercise with me (apparently law school means you don't get to do anything else... like sleep or spend time with your wife or leave your office). ANYWAY I totally know how terrible those way early morning runs are. You obviously have been a super supportive wife!! Good job and keep it up!



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