Thursday, January 28, 2010

on looking good

When you look good, you feel good. Loving the new Blazer and pencil skirt I bought today :-)

on the frustrations of the immature

I hate the idea that some people are so set in their ways and thoughts that nothing, absolutely nothing, will get them to think differently about a situation. Yes you might have had your own opinions initially but once things have been explained can't you just get over your selfish ways? Isn't it sometimes better to own up that things are different than you once thought just so that everyone can get along and have a good time. I swear, some people...

Sunday, January 10, 2010

on my 100 things

So my list is still growing and I hope to make it to 100 someday as well as accomplish all of them someday but this is a start.
  1. Get into medical school
  2. Be a bride
  3. Be a bridesmaid
  4. Own a home, maybe with a pool
  5. Become a mother
  6. Become a grandmother
  7. Make a time capsule
  8. Go to an Olympic game
  9. Travel to Italy and eat!
  10. Teach my kids to read
  11. Go to the airport and buy a random ticket to a random place
  12. Ride in a hot air balloon
  13. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  14. Get engaged with friends and family present
  15. Run a marathon
  16. Spend over $1000 in one store
  17. Find my faith
  18. Join and stay with yoga
  19. Vote in a Presidential Election
  20. Have a summer home
  21. Donate my hair
  22. Climb 14ers
  23. Learn to surf
  24. Host a dinner party
  25. Retire to Colorado
  26. Tell someone I love them and truly mean it
  27. Save someone’s life
  28. Fall in love
  29. Give blood
  30. Draw a self portrait
  31. Embarrass myself and not care what people think
  32. Get Lasik
  33. Drink a martini
  34. Learn to golf
  35. Wear a penny in my shoe in my wedding
  36. Get a massage
  37. Have a fortune teller read my palm
  38. Throw a surprise party
  39. Witness a death
  40. Order breakfast room service
  41. Paint a room a really loud color
  42. Touch a horse
  43. Whale watch
  44. Legally change my name
  45. Parasail
  46. Scuba dive
  47. Grow a vegetable garden and cook using what’s grown
  48. Visit the Vatican
  49. Own something from Tiffany’s
  50. Knit a blanket
  51. Write my will
  52. Fly first class
  53. Use a fire extinguisher
  54. Go skiing in just a bathing suit
  55. Stand in Times Square
  56. Join a book club
  57. Spend 3 months getting into shape
  58. Jog on the beach
  59. Change a flat tire
  60. Get the guts to get the tattoo I've been wanting
  61. Bake homemade bread
  62. Give all homemade gifts for Christmas
  63. Go to a bonfire
  64. Volunteer for a whole year
  65. Make homemade ice cream
  66. Go to the first Starbucks
  67. Sew a piece of clothing
  68. Do 5 pull-ups at one time
  69. Work at a soup kitchen
  70. Visit a winery
  71. Not know the sex of my child till their birth
  72. Take a photography class and own a DSLR camera
  73. Sky dive
  74. Go skinny dipping
  75. Keep a journal
  76. Visit somewhere in the southern hemisphere
  77. Read the Bible
  78. Write hand-written letters to friends
  79. Have a movie marathon
  80. Graduate with a B.S.
  81. Bake a birthday cake from scratch for a friends birthday
  82. Paint a canvas

Monday, January 4, 2010

on the perfect Christmas

I was extremely blessed this Christmas from everyone in my family and I can't believe how awesome some of my gifts were. Here are a few of the best:

1. The Game of Things: I haven't been able to play it yet but I'm very excited to. It might not be something that gets played all the time because you have to have at least 4 people but it'll be something different to play.
2. Guess Rhonda Hobo Purse: I love love love this purse. I've been wanting a new purse for a while now and wanted something that was fun without being obnoxious. It holds a lot more than it looks like it would which is always a plus for me. Plus the inside has lots of pockets for things like chapstick and headphones that always seem to make a cluttered mess in the bottom of my other purses.
3. Brighton Purse Hook: I've always hated situations when you're out and have no where to comfortably put your bag. I don't like putting purses on the floor and sometimes you don't have room on your seat/the back of your chair to put it either. I'm sure I will be using this all the time, plus its a Brighton heart so it'll look wonderful on the table. I also got a Brighton ring and necklace that are fancy enough to dress up a nice pair of jeans but casual enough to wear more often than some jewelry.

4. Belkin Voice Recorder for iPod: This plugs right into my ipod and creates audio files of anything that I want to record, for me it will most likely be always lectures. Its just super awesome to be able to have them right on my iPod and its also possible to transfer them to my computer through iTunes if I want to email them or listen to them another way.

5. Starbucks Holiday Mug: I've always had tumblers but never really had many good mugs to use when I'm at home. I like this one because its a grande size so it doesn't limit me to a smaller coffee plus its festive and I'll always have a red cup year round. With this I also got Starbucks Espresso Roast for my espresso machine so I should be all set for the semester to start.

6. Victoria's Secret Sleepover Flannel Pajamas: These are the perfect weight for being able to wear them in SD even though they're flannel. They're really soft and the perfect colors. Since its a set it gives me a lot of options to wear different parts with other things in my pj wardrobe depending on my mood and the weather. I am very impressed by Jeff's pick for pajamas for me :-) I also got a VS Pink Hoodie in white with bright blue that will make a nice addition to my wardrobe for days when its cooler but I don't want to wear a dark colored sweatshirt.

7. Barnes and Noble Nook: This is probably the gift I was the most excited for and could not believe Jeff got it for me! I love being able to read books on my own between all the hard, dry science textbook reading I'm forced to do. Plus I'm never able to finish one book completely without starting into another one and this eReader will be awesome for me in that respect. The books download right to the Nook and are usually a lot cheaper than actually buying the hard copy of them from the store. They were so popular that I don't actually have it yet but it'll be worth the wait.

Other gifts not mentioned already include a Floating Strap for my waterproof digital camera so that if I do happen to drop it when I shouldn't it wont sink to the bottom. I also got a collection of Bath & Body Works lotions for in my purse/traveling and gift cards to Starbucks/Subway/Ulta. Last but not least I got a Gap Sweater in red/orange and a Blackberry Skin in bright green for my phone.


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