Monday, September 1, 2014

Baby H: 36 Weeks

Holy cow we're under 30 days! The 29th came and went and it's insane that he will be making his debut sometime in the next month! September seemed so far away this past spring when I was sporting a super tiny bump and wishing for baby movements and now it's already here!

This week was actually pretty good pregnancy wise compared to the last few. It seems like little man's dropped a bit because my ribs have been feeling immensely better while my pelvis is taking the brunt of the aches instead. He still has his feet up nice and high which means plenty of kicks that make me gasp they're so strong but I'll definitely take this over the "ribs of fire" from a few weeks ago when he was floating around up there more. My pelvis on the other hand screams at me if I get up to quickly or try to push things on the ground with my feet. I also think I've mastered the waddle this week which is just comical if you ask me. 

My heartburn is getting a bit more regular but thankfully not unbearable and I am still stretch mark free! I'm starting to get to the exhaustion stage similar to that of first trimester and often have to lay down for at least a little while each afternoon. Hopefully this doesn't get too much worse over the coming weeks because as of now I'm still doing okay balancing med school and growing a human and both take a lot of work! I've noticed my appetite go down some which I can only attribute to the fact that there's less and less space in there as the days go by. I get hungry but then super full not too much later which means I have to be conscious about spacing out my meals.

The best part of this week was by far getting to peak in on our little man during my last ultrasound before he decides to meet the world. Everything checked out just perfectly in terms of measurements, he's still sitting around the 65-70th percentile mark but has quite long limbs already. He's estimated to weigh 6lbs 4oz which just blows my mind because that's totally a "regular baby size" already. There's totally a little human in my belly! We did have a little worry about his heart rate during the ultrasound which was thankfully cleared up quickly. The tech measured it around 120, which compared to the usual 140 it's been at for the last few weeks shocked us a little bit. We mentioned it to our doctor when she was checking it again which prompted her to have me lay on my side to get a better measurement followed by hooking me up to the monitors for our first Non-stress Test. Twenty minutes later we were reassured that he was perfect as can be, that his heart rate was just fine and according to the nurse "he's the best baby on the monitor all day". Thank goodness! 

I'm looking forward to packing my hospital bag and getting the car seat bases installed in our cars this coming week. We also have maternity pictures on the horizon and I've been pinning ideas and mentally planning outfits amidst studying EKGs. And of course, I'm most excited that we're in the final month countdown to meeting our son! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that he'll be a little early, say 38 weeks instead of the full 40 but regardless, we're so close! We got 3D pictures during our ultrasound and I can't wait to smooch on those chubby cheeks and sweet little lips. Swoon!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Thankful v11

Lately I've been thankful...
[+] for my silly husband who is so excited to become a dad that he talks about it every day

[+] for moments of quiet and the company of little boy wiggles
[+] for big tubs, warm water and late night dips in the tub even if my belly sticks out of the water

[+] for being able to reach my un-swollen toes still and manicures that last
[+] for growing baby bellies and diaper gifts to catch all the poops

[+] for continued warm weather especially knowing that none of my pants fit anymore
[+] for a sweet pup who's turned into my shadow and is always close by just watching

[+] for moments of grace when the going gets tough
[+] for a permanent and quite handsome date to any and all events

[+] for less than a month till our little boy arrives
[+] for little laundry and a packed diaper bag waiting for the big day

[+] for afternoon naps and body pillows
[+] for our lives being consumed with all things baby

What are you thankful for these days?

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Baby H: Week 35

We are officially to the point of weekly doctor’s appointments and the one this past week checked out just perfectly. My belly has been measuring exactly on for a long time, which just blows my mind that it’s that predictable. I know variations of a week or so are still normal but every week she tells me, “fundus height is 34(or whatever it might be), which is exactly what week you are”. Baby boy is officially head down which she pointed out by identifying his little booty poking out by my ribs. His heartbeat is consistent around 140 and he’s growing like crazy in there.

On Sunday night we attended our last wedding as just a couple before our little man arrives. It’s crazy to think about these types of things, the types of events and parties and celebrations that will involve three of us instead of just two from now on. We have a wedding at the end of October and our little man will be sure to attend.

The wedding however, wasn’t totally a positive event though and actually turned into quite the scary event. The massive flooding CO had last summer had destroyed part of the main highway we had to take to get there which means a section of the road was basically down to the dirt, super slow speed limits and really bumpy conditions. On the way there my belly started feeling a little funny in these few miles but on the way back funny turned into a belly that was solid as a rock and super painful. Welcome to my first experience with contractions.

The rest of the drive was spent feeling pretty miserable. I couldn't get comfortable in the seat. I had intense pain in my low back that wouldn’t let up even once my belly was soft again. Every bump in the road made my entire torso hurt and between the start and once we were finally home I ended up having what I believe were three other contractions. We got home, I chugged some water and laid down and thankfully that was the end of the ordeal. It’s definitely something I’m going to bring up at my appointment this week because it was definitely worrisome. 

Otherwise the rest of the week was uneventful. A few days of feeling absolutely great with rolls of arms and legs in my belly. A few days of being super uncomfortable as this little boy decided to play diving board with my ribs. The diaper bag is officially packed for the hospital, now if only I could make myself pack my bag and we’d be all set. We have contacted a photographer and scheduled our maternity pictures, which I’m so looking forward to. I can’t believe that we essentially have a month left! For some reason thinking about it in terms of having 5 more weeks seems so much longer than thinking 30 some odd days. We sure can’t wait to meet this little boy who’s already stolen so much of our hearts.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Baby H: Week 34

I had a bit of a nervous moment on Friday night as I had some tightening of my belly along with a significant amount of pain that ran along the low, left side of my belly and had me quite freaked out. I think I've experienced a handful of Braxton Hicks contractions over the last few weeks and this was nothing like them. The pain was pretty significant, it happened about 4 times and would ease up in between. I grabbed my water bottle and chugged it, laid down on the couch on my left side and gave myself 15 minutes to see if they would go away. Thankfully it stopped and hasn't happened since but I'll definitely be bringing it up with my doctor at my appointment on Friday. Fingers crossed it was either a fluke due to dehydration or something simple like gas because it was not fun.

I have thankfully stayed the same weight the last week but definitely know the belly is growing. My skin has been extra tight and extra dry but swelling and stretch marks are still staying away. I had a sad realization one morning that a few of my actual maternity tops aren't going to fit for much longer. Let's hope the rest of my wardrobe can keep stretching otherwise I'm at risk for turning into the girl who alternates between two outfits. One thing I don't think I've ever mentioned symptom wise is how awesome my hair, nails and skin have been since I've been pregnant. I haven't had any of the usual skin blemishes I used to get, my hair grows faster and doesn't fall out as easily and my nails grow like weeds without their usual peeling/cracking. I scheduled a hair cut for the end of the month just to make sure I get a trim in before the baby-craziness starts and I'm hoping to treat myself to a mani-pedi sometime between now and then too. Now let's just see if I can find the time!

I did a load of baby laundry consisting of a few newborn sized items, a bunch of 0-3mo clothes, all the hats and socks we have plus the slew of swaddles we'll wrap our little man up in and I loved it. I've partly been avoiding doing too much of this type of prep because we aren't sure how big our little boy is going to be so I'm trying to keep tags on things as long as possible incase we need to exchange them for other sizes. But I couldn't help myself from doing one load (plus it was a good study break). With the fresh items out of the dryer I have officially packed the diaper bag for the hospital with the items for our babe. Knowing now what he'll come home wearing (nothing fancy or coming-home specific) makes me so excited for his arrival. 

Over the weekend someone we know delivered her baby boy at just 29 weeks weighing just barely 2 lbs and hearing news like that put things into perspective for me. As much as I feel uncomfortable, stressed, over being pregnant, exhausted and ready to meet our son at times I realized that my body knows exactly what it's doing to grow our babe and how important it is for that process to be complete. Its been easy for me to whine to J in the evenings, to complain about rib pain, to get annoyed when I'm woken up by kicks and jabs, to feel bad for myself that I'm tired all the time. But as this journey comes to an end I'm trying to remember how precious this time is, having our little boy all to myself to make sure he's healthy and strong and I realize that every moment of this process, the good and the bad, are so worth it for a healthy boy in the end. 

Baby boy, please know how much you mean to your dad and I already. Please know we will do absolutely anything for you, now and for always. Please know we cherish you, want only the best for you and couldn't be more excited to meet you. But also please know you can take your time, grow exactly the way you're supposed to and come into this world when you're ready. We want you to be as healthy as can be even if it means we don't meet as soon as we'd like. We love you.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Baby H: Week 33

We had our 32 week appointment on Wednesday and while it was super quick and just with the nurse practitioner, everything with our little man is checking out great still. My BP is still on the low side (102/60) but I have a feeling that's never going to change so I just have to keep myself well hydrated. My belly measured exactly on track which is awesome. Heart rate was measuring at 137 and she's pretty sure he's no longer breech which is fabulous news. At our previous appointment our doctor was only able to find his heart beat up really high near my ribs which is why she suspected him being breech and suggested I hang out in puppy pose every so often. I guess all the "butt in the air" laying worked because he's head down, again. Now if only he'll stay like that for the rest of the time although it does make the rib jabs that much more painful.

As far as pregnancy symptoms this week goes it's about the same as last week. Much more uncomfortable that I've previously been but thankfully it seems to come and go day to day. Some days I feel absolutely great and some days I'm almost in tears trying to get comfortable. New this week has been the pubic symphisis pain which is not so pleasant. Its been fairly tender to the touch for about the last 6 weeks but now I notice it throughout the day. I tried to hold my coffee cup between my knees at a stop light and literally couldn't squeeze my legs together enough and have it not hurt. I also notice it when walking sometimes if my body is extra tired. My ankles, knees and hips have been popping and cracking more often too, especially when I walk after sitting for a long amount of time. Silly relaxin hormone making all my joints loosey-goosey.

I'm tipping the scale this week at about 28lbs gained and still have no stretch marks. Some days I find myself just exhausted but I hear that's what third trimester is all about. The extra weight, changing center of gravity and growing a little human sure do take a toll on a body and I've definitely been giving into naps when I get the chance. I'm still not having any significant cravings or aversions but did end up feeling quite nauseous and just generalized-yucky the other night after stuffing myself too much when we went out to dinner. I think the combo of too much pizza with sugary lemonade, being too stuffed and throwing in acid reflux to the mix made for an unhappy momma.

We took our final joint class at the hospital this week and learned all about Baby Care. Baths, diapers, feeding, newborn procedures, healing umbilical cords, life at home, etc etc etc. I was a bit bummed that there was a lot of overlap between this class and our first one on childbirth but I understand that some of the info falls into both categories. I think we've pretty much made decisions about all the things we want to include in our "pseudo birth plan" and decisions for our little man once he's here. Now to just get them typed up and onto a note card for the big day and I think we're about as ready as we can be. We also had a joint "Huggies and Chuggies" party with some close friends who are due with their little boy about three weeks ahead of us and it was a blast getting together with friends and taking homes lots of diapers at the end of the night. A huge thanks to all who came and brought diapers (especially those who thought to get sizes other than newborn) for our little man!

And because these are always fun, here's a flash back on what a difference ten weeks can make. 13, 23 and 33 weeks! Next week is the first one where I'll have four pictures to compare, so crazy!


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