Sunday, October 16, 2016

Baby H: Six Months of Patrick


[+] weighs close to 17 and a half pounds but I'll update the official stats after our doctors appointment next week. 

[+] is moving towards size 3 diapers and 6-9 month clothes and it makes this momma sad to pack away items that I know will never get used again. I am looking forward to bundling him up as the weather cools down because nothing is sweeter than a snuggly baby dressed in flannel.

[+] officially has two teeth! The first popped through on big brother's birthday after having a tough day that we attributed to being out and about messing with his schedule celebrating Mark. I ended up putting my finger in his mouth and low and behold, there it was! The second came through exactly a week later. 

[+] still isn't sleeping through the night but for different reasons than last month. Sometimes its legitimately that he's hungry as I've been battling some supply issues recently and we can't exactly sleep train him when we know his belly needs some milk. He's also had quite a bit of congestion/cold stuff going on both from big brother passing along his cold as well as from his moving teeth and it's so sad to hear him struggling because of his stuffy nose. We're finally back to the stage of typically only waking once, quickly eating and then going back down easily so here's hoping it doesn't get worse again. 

[+] is seriously the sweetest, most laid-back, easy baby there is. He is content just sitting and watching. He puts up with toys being taken from him, being set in the bouncer while Mark needs something and all the bumps and bangs having a big brother entails. He snuggles on a regular basis, just laying in my arms wide-awake looking at me which is something Mark literally never did. It takes basically nothing to make him smile and he giggles and laughs all day long. He's the type of baby that would make you have another, he's literally that perfect. 

[+] started into the realm of solid foods this month. He's doing great with it and while he definitely has his preferences (bananas, sweet potatoes and squash) and his dislikes (looking at you peas!) overall he's a huge fan of eating. Most of the time we can't feed him fast enough before he's crying for more. He's had a pretty decent rash going on that we think is related to foods with more sugar (applesauce and blueberries) and has been getting a bit constipated sometimes but we're working through it and having lots of fun with it. 

[+] sits perfectly on his own playing with toys as content as can be. Only within the last few days has he shown any interest/progress towards crawling and I can't decide if I want him to learn or not. I want time to slow down and for him to stay little longer but also know it's going to be so much fun seeing him chase Mark around and gain his independence. 

[+] nicknames: Pat Pat, Fat Pat, snuggle-bug, buddy

[+] likes: hitting surfaces with his hands, Mark, wiggling in the air

[+] dislikes: peas, being constipated, cleaning his face after he eats

[+] have been dealing with decreased milk supply the last few weeks and while I always knew there was no way I'd get to a full year, it was still a hard pill to swallow. Between Pat sleeping longer stretches at night and then not getting as many opportunities to pump on my most recent rotations, I was barely keeping up with what he was eating from a bottle and also not giving him enough when he nursed either. There was one day where I weighed all his nursing feeds and he got significantly less than what he should have. I've really been pulling out all the stops to get my supply back up but we also picked up a container of formula to start introducing too. While I know that I've done so much better with Pat than I ever could with Mark, it's still so hard and so sad to be going through this stage again.

[+] am so anxious for the next few weeks because I have 6 interviews scheduled in the span of three weeks! I'll be doing a bunch of traveling with nights away from home and while I absolutely hate the thought of leaving my boys, I'm also looking forward to getting to know these programs and starting to piece together my game plan for Match in the spring. I can't believe we're already to this point!

[+] am also anxious for the holiday season this year as I have an audition rotation (aka the more demanding type of rotation) scheduled from mid-December to mid-January and I have no idea what that means for Christmas. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's an extra blessing that Christmas falls on the weekend and that I'll get those days off but also realize that might not actually happen. Not to mention being extra busy the weeks leading up to it will make Santa visits, shopping, cookie backing, etc more complicated and I want to make sure for my boys' sake, that this Christmas is one to remember. I've always known that a career in medicine would mean holidays change I just wasn't anticipating that happening yet.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Thankful v22

Lately I've been thankful...
[+] for babies who look almost exactly like their big brothers

[+] for a blue eyed and a brown eyed boy to help me tell their baby pictures apart
[+] for toddlers who are independent and so smart it's often scary

[+] for hearing "I love you" from the smallest of lips as I head out the door
[+] for a baby who snuggles when his big brother never did 

[+] for messes because they teach me to let go
[+] for new milestones even if I beg time to slow down on a daily basis

[+] for getting to experience the daily joys when I know I won't always be able to
[+] for forecasted warm weather on the horizon and the goodness of vitamin D

[+] for family get-togethers and any reason to celebrate
[+] for change, even if it's just in the form of a haircut

[+] for patience... with myself, from our pup, in all ways 
[+] for bonds that are greater than I could have ever imagined 

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Baby H: Five Months of Patrick


[+] weighs 15#11.5oz according to our doctor's appointment this past week. He's such a chunk of a baby that he's definitely earned his Fat Pat nickname.

[+] is still 100% breastmilk fed. Now that I'm back on rotations he gets more bottles obviously but so far we haven't had to supplement with formula at all. He eats every 3 hours during the day and takes 4oz when it's from a bottle.

[+] rolls back-to-front regularly and he's done front-to-back a handful of times too. He plays with his feet, puts everything in his mouth and is getting really good at sitting with minimal support. He also can ride in the stroller without the carseat which makes walks with both boys so much easier.

[+] is no longer sleeping through the night but we anticipated that going away at sometime thanks to the lovely "four month sleep regression". Now that he's no longer swaddled we've learned that he is a belly sleeper just like big brother but the only problem is that he can't get himself off his belly in the middle of the night which usually leads to one if not way more wakings in the night. I'm also not sure if he's waking for hunger too but hopefully we don't have much more time left of the night time shenanigans.

[+] typically takes three good naps with one bad one throughout the day lasting anywhere from 40 minutes to 1.5 hours. His last nap for the day is usually the worst, typically from 6:15-7pm and I imagine he'll end up dropping it in the coming weeks/months. He typically goes to bed for the night around 8:30pm and I try not to get him out of his crib until 7am in the morning.

[+] gave us quite the scare just this past week having a completely limp arm when I picked him up from his crib one morning. He was screaming and clearly not using it and this momma freaked. Thankfully after a quick nursing session to calm him somewhat, he started moving it again but we headed to the pedi just in case. They think he had nursemaid's elbow and that he might just be more prone to it but he's completely back to normal and I couldn't be more thankful. It was scary for sure.

[+] is bald as can be which is so funny. The hair he does have is dark just like mine and big brother's but he definitely doesn't have much of it. And he's still got those baby blues that just slay this momma's heart!

[+] nicknames: Pat Pat, Fat Pat, baby boy

[+] likes: Mark (seriously obsessed), the vtech cube, the frog chair

[+] dislikes: not getting enough milk from momma, being on his back in his crib

[+] am proud that breastfeeding/pumping has gone so much better this time around but that doesn't help the negativity and worry creep in every so often. Patrick goes through his share of nursing strikes and in hindsight I realize this was exactly what happened with Mark too. He'll only nurse for a few minutes and just cry and cry if I try to get him to have more. I like to think I handle it better now but every once in a while I lose my cool and end up with a screaming child in his crib while I take a breather in the other room. Pumping has been going better too and I usually can keep up with what he eats at home. Being in a hospital with the best-grade pumps definitely helps. Not to mention the less stress in general this time around. But boy is it a lot of work overall.

[+] weighed myself for the first time in about 8 or 10 weeks and am up about 10lbs from my pre-Patrick-pregnancy weight. It's so different this time around because I literally don't care in the slightest. Every once in a while I'll think about it because a shirt will fit me differently or my pants will be a little extra tight but then I have an extra cookie or put half and half in my coffee and the thought vanishes. I am so worried about losing my milk supply that cutting calories at this point isn't an option for me and while I'm sure I could fit in quick workouts at home I just don't have the motivation most days. Maybe this will change in the coming months but for now I'm happy with it.

[+] am just about to enter interview season for residency applications and while I'm excited, I'm also nervous too. Obviously nervous for the actual interviews themselves but also nervous about being away/traveling so much. Most programs host an optional welcome dinner the night before meaning I'd stay the night the evening before my actual interview and so far, I have 4 nights schedule away and one flight to a different state. I know it's what I have to do but I'll miss my babies when I'm gone.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Baby H: Four Months of Patrick


[+] I'll update his measurements after his doctors appointment this Friday

[+] is wearing 3-6/6month clothes and size 2 diapers already. He is so much bigger than Mark was at this age it's insane! He's growing like a weed and I'm loving the baby chub.

[+] is seriously the happiest baby there ever was! He smiles at just about everything and everyone. He only ever fusses when he has to burp right after he eats and for the 2 minutes before his nap when the tiredness sets in. He laughs at the silliest things, lights up when he sees his big brother and is just a joy to be around.

[+] could care less about tummy time and he'll just lay there looking around when we put him like that. It's such a difference between Mark who would scream his head off. But it also means that he's far from being motivated to roll yet. A few times he's gotten himself from his back onto his side but that's all so far. He kicks his feet like a wild man sometimes and hasn't found his feet just yet.

[+] eats every three hours starting at 7am which means 7/10/1/4/7. I nurse him when I'm home and otherwise he gets around 4oz of breastmilk in a bottle when I'm not. He typically goes to bed for the night between 8:30/9pm and then gets one last feed between 10/10:30pm when J and I go to bed. Every once in a while he wake up somewhere between 6/7am but more often than not he goes all the way through.

[+] should be going to bed in his crib but this momma just can't put him down at the end of the day. He is 100% napping in his crib and does great in there through the night but that 8:30pm "bedtime" is more likely than not snuggled with me on the couch. And I have to say it's my absolute favorite time of the day!

[+] is starting to transition out of the swaddle and we haven't quite gotten the hang of it yet. We tried a week in a "modified" set of long-sleeve pajamas to help settle is wild arms but we weren't noticing any progress so we decided to just go cold turkey with it. Right now he's sleeping in a pair of pajamas and a sleep sac for naps working on putting himself to sleep. We haven't stopped swaddling him at night yet and won't until his naps are better but hey, it's progress.

[+] is in the "everything in your mouth" stage which isn't a surprise. Most common items include his fingers/fists, a few random toys and our fingers when he gets ahold of one. He's a slobbery mess from it so I'll be sure to get some more bandana bibs for him soon.

[+] nicknames: Pat Pat, Fat Pat and baby brother (I think we've found his names and they've stuck!)

[+] likes: the bath, his big brother, kaboom on his butt, the frog chair

[+] dislikes: having gas

[+] am thrilled to say that as of right now I have kept up with pumping what he's been taking from a bottle milk-wise. It's awesome. Granted sometimes that means pumping more often than he's actually eating when I'm away and also throwing in a few sessions over the weekends but I'll take it because it really hasn't been that bad. I counted the other day and have about 40 5oz bags in the freezer and so far haven't had to "dip" into the stash.

[+] find myself purposefully having to put the idea that I'll never be pregnant/have a newborn/experience another baby out of my mind because I have a tendency to get sad when I think about it. These boys are absolutely perfect and our family is perfect with them in it but it's such a strange feeling being done with this "stage" of life. (I know, I'm so so dramatic. Thinking done when I only have a 4mo old!) I think some of it has to do with Pat coming as early as he did so I didn't get to cherish those last few weeks being pregnant but it's still just an odd feeling.

[+] am thankfully doing okay being gone more often this month on my current rotation. Technically it's Mon-Fri typical hours but most days were done in the early afternoon and the schedule changes quite often making the weeks fly by. I hated the 45min-1hr drive that first week but I've gotten more used to it as the days go by. Plus I checked out an audio book, The Girl on the Train, and it's actually been refreshing "reading" something for fun.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Baby H: Maternity Photos (times two)

I'm playing a bit of catch up when it comes to our professional photoshoots that have revolved around our little Patrick. Somehow he is already 3 months old and neither his maternity or newborn sessions have made an appearance on the blog!

Regardless, at 36 weeks we scheduled our maternity session just a mere 9 days before this little one decided to make his arrival! April can be such an odd month in Colorado weather wise as it can be as snowy as the winter or warm enough for shorts making planning an outdoor session kind of difficult. For us, the weather was perfectly warm but we were about a week too early for all the pretty spring blooms making location the tricky aspect. With a suggestion from our photog we headed to Downtown Littleton to wander around some empty buildings and up the streets of the cute little town. A more "urban" shoot was something we had never done with her and I'm so glad we did this time.

We brought along Patrick's quilt and wooden "P" just like we did with Mark because it's made for such a cool trend for us to look back on. Mark was such a stud and did so great through the whole session only needing a few M&M bribes. I was only mildly uncomfortable (which if you were around me those last few weeks you understand that was a huge deal) sitting and laying with my big Patrick belly. I truly couldn't love these photos more! They perfectly captured our last few days as a family of three before adding our missing puzzle piece to the family. Enjoy!


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